These Are the Strangest Foods Americans Eat on Thanksgiving

From Good Housekeeping

When you picture an idyllic Thanksgiving dinner, what do you see? A turkey ready for carving, buttery mashed potatoes, and ah, savory stuffing - endless heaps of stuffing. But, as it turns out, the USA is full of Thanksgiving culinary surprises. According to Insider, many Americans are eating foods that are not even close to being classics.

Read on for an, ahem, interesting glimpse into the side dish circus that is Thanksgiving dinner across the country. Who knows? These foods might just inspire you to try something new this year.

Kentucky: Celery with Peanut Butter

This is a yummy everyday snack - but who knew it was also prepared as a Thanksgiving appetizer? But believe us: We're not fighting an easy make-ahead option by any means.

Maine: Kimchi Salad

We're loving that Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish, is popular among Maine Thanksgiving celebrators - it's an unexpected but super healthy addition to the meal.

Nevada: Fois Gras Stuffing

Plenty of people consume duck on Thanksgiving, but duck liver stuffing? Definitely a rarity.

Washington: Cottage Cheese Roast

Cottage cheese roast - also known as the "Vegetarian Meatloaf" - may not sound appealing, but Washington loves it. Plus it's always nice to have an option for vegetarian guests.

Tennessee: Papaya Salad

For some reason, Tennessee and papaya salad just don't seem to go together. But hey, Tennessee likes what it likes and we can't dispute the fact that papaya salad is delicious. Even on Thanksgiving.

Minnesota: Baked Onions Strips

We have a lot of questions, Minnesota. Do you eat them on their own, like super skinny onion rings? Should we bring dip? Are they appetizer adornments? All of the above?

Head over to Insider to see the full list.

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