'Scary' figure spotted in the background of woman's TikTok video: 'My heart [just] dropped'

Morgan Greenwald
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A TikTok video during which a strange man appears behind a girl seemingly from out of nowhere and then disappears again is seriously freaking people out.

On Sept. 13, TikTok user maryyylizzz9 uploaded the video, which she said had been sitting in her draft folder for a while.

In the video, MJ is in a parking garage dancing to Kash Doll’s “Ice Me Out.” At the beginning of the video, she is the only person in the parking garage — but toward the end of the video, a man can very clearly be seen almost directly behind her. Before the video ends, he disappears again, though he never actually walks off-camera.

Credit: TikTok/maryyylizzz9
Credit: TikTok/maryyylizzz9

Though MJ didn’t notice the man behind her when she initially filmed the video, she noted in her caption that she spotted him after rediscovering the video draft.


“I was so scared when I found this in my drafts,” she added.

Other people definitely took notice of the peculiar disappearing man.

“My heart [just] dropped,” one person said.

“My soul left I’m scared,” another user commented.

“I actually jumped when I watched it for the second time seeing him behind you,” a third person noted.

In a follow-up video, MJ explained that she and her sister pulled into a parking garage one day when it was down-pouring and decided to make some TikToks (including the one featuring the mystery man). Most of the videos ended up in her draft folder, but a few days ago, she decided to take a look at those drafts — and noticed the man.

“One of [my friends] pointed out the guy in the back,” MJ explained. “I thought it was creepy so I posted it, did not think it would blow up but it did. The video wasn’t staged, I really don’t know who the guy in the back was.”

Time traveler? Ghost? Random man with strange timing? That’s for you to decide.

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