Story of Sanctuary Rescuing Tiny Blind Calf Is So Touching

She's in loving, capable hands now.

TikTok user @alexabmurray is a part of a North Carolina-based nonprofit animal sanctuary called Friendly Fields Farm. What she and the sanctuary did recently to help a baby cow is truly something special.

They went on a road trip to bring home Maggie, a 3-month-old blind calf. Poor Maggie was born to a beef farm, but that farm was concerned she wouldn't do well with the large herd. Luckily, that farm did the right thing and surrendered Maggie to this TikToker and the sanctuary. The rest of Maggie's story is so touching.

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Aww! We're beyond thrilled that the farm decided to surrender Maggie to the sanctuary instead of sending her to slaughter. We wish more places did that! And even though it may take time for Maggie to get adjusted and comfortable in her new place, we know she's in very great hands.

"Aw bless you, Maggie! So happy for you...was awesome of your previous owners to be so caring," wrote @catmomkim1. And it is even more awesome that this sanctuary wanted to bring Maggie in! We can't even begin to say how thankful we are for this sanctuary.

A few TikTokers are giving some pretty great ideas that could help Maggie as she's getting used to her new home. @kregathebarbarian commented, "She needs her own seeing eye goat." O.M.G. How cute would that be?! "She needs a collar and bell. Animals can learn to navigate by 'sonar' as the sound rebounds off solid objects and obstacles," added @nighthawk817. That's such a great idea!

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