Story of Dogs Stolen From Atlanta Rescue Shelter Is So Heartbreaking We Can't Even

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How could anyone do this?

Sometimes, cold-hearted people remind us why we prefer animals, and whoever is behind this break-in is no exception. The unidentified person broke into Georgia-based rescue @pawsatlanta and made away with three of the shelter's beloved rescue dogs. Needless to say, the shelter staff was heartbroken.

The rescue's local and online communities have been rallying in support of the pups, and their work is already starting to pay off. Here's what you'll want to know about this troublesome situation.

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We can't believe someone would do this, especially to a nonprofit animal rescue like PAWS Atlanta. No wonder commenters are so distraught about the situation.

"No! So many things run through my head," @evg85 wrote. "Why would they do this?!? I hope they are found quickly." You said it! It's a horrific thing for someone to do, but we're very relieved to report some happy news not too long after the break-in.

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Emilia was found and brought back to the shelter! It all happened thanks to the vigilance of the community, and it didn't take long before one more miracle occurred. 

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Welcome back, sweet girl! We are beyond relieved that the sisters are reunited, but we're still so worried for Princeton. Please help us share this story and get the word out about him!