The story behind that viral Prince Harry and Meghan Markle photo

Of the millions of pictures taken on the day of the royal wedding, there’s one of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that really stands out.

As the newlyweds were riding through Windsor in a horse-drawn carriage after their marriage ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, photographer Yui Mok was waiting on the roof of the King George IV Gate, a section of Windsor Castle, to capture the newly named Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Yui Mok captured this photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Photo: Getty Images)
Yui Mok captured this photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Photo: Getty Images)

When the couple passed underneath the staff photographer for the Press Association during the carriage procession, he captured the pair holding hands and surveying the crowd from above.

The final product — which, Mok explained on Twitter, was cropped and tidied up by the association’s photo desk from the raw file before being issued — has gone viral, becoming one of the most shared images from the historic event.

Funny enough, although photographers take thousands of frames on big jobs such as the royal wedding, Mok noted that he took way fewer than he usually does.

As one Twitter user put it, he didn’t take so many pictures because “after he bagged that he dropped the camera and walked away like a boss.” But, as Mok said, that’s “not quite how it happened — it was more a big sigh of relief, when my part was done, that nothing went wrong on the day!”

People have called the pic “brilliant framing,” “outstanding,” and one even said that this is the photograph “I will truly remember.”

One person even suggested a hashtag to accompany the picture: #DianasView. Because of the perspective from above, @phishygirl62 imagines that being Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana’s point of view and believes “there was a tear or two falling from the sky too.”

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