The Store-Bought Biscuits That Are Worth The Higher Price Than Pillsbury

biscuits on cooling rack
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When you reach for a can of store-bought biscuits at the supermarket, your go-to brand might be Pillsbury because it's a household staple that's been around for more than a century. However, these days there's an array of biscuits in a tube from many other big-box companies and in-house brands. Most of them work fine when served with butter and jam for breakfast, but out of all of those brands, which is supreme? To find out, Tasting Table put 11 brands of canned biscuits to the test, including Pillsbury and Walmart's in-house brand Great Value.

Out of the bunch, the biscuits that reigned supreme were Annie's, the organic brand that might be best known for its version of boxed macaroni and cheese. The biscuits stood out for their buttery taste and flaky texture, which is so authentic it'll seem like you baked them from scratch.

The caveat to these delicious canned biscuits is the price point, because they will definitely cost more than other brands, including Pillsbury. For context, a quick search on Fresh Direct shows a can of Annie's priced at $7.49 compared to $5.39 for Pillsbury at a Queens, New York grocery store. Of course, pricing varies by store and location.

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Annie's Organic Canned Biscuits Have Zero Artificial Flavors Or Colors

Annie's canned biscuits
Annie's canned biscuits - Annie

If our taste test review hasn't convinced you to spend a couple extra bucks on Annie's biscuits, let's get into why they taste superior. For starters, the biscuits don't have any artificial flavors or colors, according to the packaging. The biscuits are made from organic ingredients like unbleached wheat flour, palm oil, expeller-pressed sunflower oil, and cane sugar, plus water, baking soda, and sea salt. Those high-quality ingredients are what give the biscuits the flaky texture and buttery flavor found in every bite. Each tube comes with enough dough for eight biscuits that are 170 calories each.

To be fair, Pillsbury Grands! with Flaky Layers took the number two spot, so they'll taste nearly as delicious as Annie's if you don't want to pay the extra price or can't find them at your local grocery store. As for which biscuits you should avoid at all costs, Walmart's Great Value were ranked worst for a metallic taste and lack of flaky layers, and Amazon's "lifeless" Happy Belly biscuits were second worst.

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