How to Stop Sleep Wrinkles from Your Pillow

How to Stop Sleep Wrinkles from Your Pillow

Yes, you're wearing sunscreen. Every day. Even so, wrinkles still manage to make a cameo on your visage.

What's a Southern lady to do? While there's no miracle cure for age-related wrinkles, one sneaky source of face wrinkles may be your pillow case. Yep, that's right, your trusted companion in bedtime bliss.

"Sleep wrinkles are creases that form on the face due to skin positioning and pressure," explains Rachel Nazarian, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group on BYRDIE, adding that they occur as you reposition yourself throughout the night with your face cradled on your pillow, and they mainly happen with fabrics that attract more friction.

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"Using pillowcases with fabrics that grip skin rather than allow skin to glide [is not good for your face]," adds Nazarian in the article. "Ideally, you should be using a silk or satin pillowcase."

Our pick? The Hollywood Silk Solution pillowcase which retail for $45. They feel like a dream to sleep on and will make sure you wake up with a face that looks like one, too.