Sticky Fingers in the Kitchen? Try These Cookbook Stands for a Hands-Free Way To View Recipes

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There are only so many times you can ask Alexa to repeat the next step before you realize that sometimes it’s just easier to work from a physical recipe book. And while this way of doing things may take up more counter space than a compact smartphone or tablet, a paper page never turns off or runs out of battery. But going old-fashioned isn’t all roses, it can be inconvenient to keep a cookbook open on the right page. To remedy this problem, it’s a smart idea to invest in one of the best cookbook stands. These handy kitchen aids let you organize your counter space while keeping your favorite recipes in prime view.

The best cookbook stands usually share a similar core design. Differences occur in the material used, with wood, metal and plastic being most popular, but the central blueprint remains true. To be successful in its work, a cookbook stand needs to accommodate a range of book sizes and be able to hold them open at the desired place. Given their rather versatile nature, the best cookbook stands can also double up to hold a range of other documents and items. Some of the best alternative uses include:

  • Music Stand

  • Media Stand

  • Vintage decoration

  • Magazine Stand

  • Art Stand

  • Laptop Stand

  • Tiles

  • Art Display

  • Plate Stand

We’ve rounded up the 10 best cookbook stands for showcasing your recipes in the kitchen. There are several different designs to choose from, ensuring there is something to suit all interior styles and every home chef’s personality type. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry if you prefer to work from a digital library as these stands can be used to hold iPads, tablets and e-readers, too.

1. Pipishell Bamboo Book Stand


With over 8,000 five-star reviews and a price under $20, this Pipishell Bamboo Book Stand is a tried-and-tested and budget-friendly answer to displaying cookbooks. Not only is this cookbook stand a firm favorite among home chefs, it’s also popular with environmentally conscious users, thanks to its bamboo construction. Additionally, this cookbook stand offers users the choice of five different reading angles and sports two fold-up arms to ensure your pages are held securely in place.

cookbook stands pipishell bamboo
cookbook stands pipishell bamboo

Buy: Pipishell Bamboo Book Stand $18.96

2. TRIPAR Gold Color Wire Stand


The TRIPAR Gold Color Wire Stand takes a back-to-basics approach to a cookbook stand. It’s difficult to imagine how a book stand could have a design that is simpler than this while remaining as conveniently functional. The painted gold finish and squared corners give this cookbook stand a premium-quality appearance. Furthermore, this versatile kitchen addition can be used for showcasing other items, like art or documents, in addition to cookbooks.

cookbook stands tripar gold color metal square
cookbook stands tripar gold color metal square

Buy: TRIPAR Gold Color Wire Stand $8.19

3. Wishacc Bamboo Book Stand


With its eye-catching design, the Wishacc Bamboo Book Stand is a step up from your average cookbook stand. It sports a solid bamboo frame with a series of geometric patterns cut out. For greater usability, the stand can be positioned at five different angles, as well as being able to lay completely flat for easier storage in drawers or alongside cabinets. In addition, the stand comes backed by just shy of 7,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users, meaning you can be confident in its ability to fulfill all of your needs.

cookbook stands wishacc wooden
cookbook stands wishacc wooden

Buy: Wishacc Bamboo Book Stand $14.95

4. Norpro Acrylic CookBook


The Norpro Acrylic CookBook Stand is a great option for anyone whose priority is protecting their books or tablet from any wayward liquid or food. The design includes a large transparent cover that sits in front of the main shelf, preventing anything from traveling through. While the one-piece, acrylic design has a modern, minimalist appearance which will appeal to a lot of people, it’s worth noting that the stand is limited when it comes to adjusting its viewing angle.

cookbook stands norpro acrylic cookbook tablet holder
cookbook stands norpro acrylic cookbook tablet holder

Buy: Norpro Acrylic CookBook $16.26

5. FANATU Cookbook Stand


If you particularly like the look of dark wood, this FANATU Cookbook Stand may be the right choice for you. The stand is traditional in appearance with a darker-than-average wood stain finish which is better suited to kitchen interiors with a darker theme. For greater convenience during use, books can be held open with the fixed-in-place wire barrier. In addition, the stand includes a built-in rope loop for easier carrying and storage as well as anti-slip pads on the feet to increase stability when it’s on a counter surface.

fanatu wooden cookbook stand
fanatu wooden cookbook stand

Buy: FANATU Cookbook Stand $23.97

6. Tripar Metal Book Stand


This ornate Tripar Metal Book Stand incorporates two hanging weights in the design to hold book pages in place. The stand is large enough to house weightier books while keeping them propped up at a convenient reading angle. Style-wise, the vintage-inspired metalwork is consistent throughout, making it an attractive addition to your kitchen, whether that’s as a functional book stand or a display piece.

tripar metal cookbook stand
tripar metal cookbook stand

Buy: Tripar Metal Book Stand $31.25

7. JOGREFUL Vintage Cookbook Stand


The JOGREFUL Vintage Cookbook Stand sports a sturdy construction that is adorned with vintage-inspired detailing. The stand is made from cast iron to give it greater durability and the capability to accommodate heavier books and tablet devices. Unlike many of the competing cookbook stands, this one doesn’t offer users multiple reading angles or pack down flat when it’s not being used. However, its attractive design does make it a versatile kitchen addition that looks great on any work surface, even when it’s not displaying books.

jogreful vintage cookbook stand
jogreful vintage cookbook stand

Buy: JOGREFUL Vintage Cookbook Stand $37.99

8. Boston Warehouse Trading Corp Book Stand


The Boston Warehouse Trading Corp Book Stand is a great choice gift for friends who love to cook. This paddle board-style cookbook stand features illustrations for decorative purposes along with measurement guides to help with conversions and portion sizes. This cookbook stand is particularly well-suited for keeping your iPad or ebook in the ideal viewing position thanks to its compact size and sturdy construction.

boston warehouse trading corp cookbook stand
boston warehouse trading corp cookbook stand

Buy: Boston Warehouse Trading Corp Book Stand $47.77

9. Clear Solution Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder


The Clear Solution Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder is wide enough to support large cookbooks and strong enough to support heavy ones, too. It features integrated page stoppers to keep pages flat and easier to read while simultaneously preventing them from flapping around. These handy stoppers can also be used to prevent a tablet or smartphone from sliding off. In addition, this high-quality, cherrywood stand features five grooves which allow it to be positioned at a number of different angles.

clear solutions cookbook stand
clear solutions cookbook stand

Buy: Clear Solution Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder $59.95

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