Stevie Nicks Fashion: See the Singer's Signature Boho-Chic Looks

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No one captured the boho spirit of '70s fashion quite like Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks. Not only did she essentially define the decade with her music, she also became a style icon thanks to her penchant for wonderfully witchy outfits. Even those who aren't familiar with Nicks' music likely recognize her aesthetic and over the years, she's become just as much of a fashion inspiration to millennial women as she was to boomers.

While Nicks' looks are undoubtedly super '70s, there's also something timeless about the panache with which she pulled them off, and those in the fashion industry consistently keep her on their vision boards. As stylist and Vogue Greece editor-at-large Anna Katsanis describes it, "She transcended time and space with her looks, making them the envy of all fashionable people even to this day."

Samantha Brown, celebrity stylist and author of Dressing Up, adds, "Nicks is a forever style icon and her mix of feminine and rock n' roll is still emulated by so many designers today." As for what made her so unique, Brown says, "She was able to make very 'fancy' pieces feel wearable by styling them with confidence. Those who love a bohemian or rocker chick aesthetic will constantly draw from Nicks' looks as inspiration."

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The essence of Stevie Nicks fashion

Nicks' style featured many '70s flourishes: flares, fringe, exotic patterns and an overall sense of boho cool. "Nicks was special in her approach to style because she made hippie looks unique. She mixed loads of patterns and textures," explains Brown. "She loved ponchos, kimonos, sweeping silk dresses, lots of velvet and witchy separates which she would pile on. Beading, lace, embroidery and fringe were all elements of her signature blend."

Stevie Nicks onstage in 1977
Stevie Nicks onstage in 1977
Richard McCaffrey/ Michael Ochs Archive/Getty

Katsanis agrees, saying, "It was the way she paired and layered the looks together with accessories. It was her distinct layering and use of textured pieces that defined her style as well as her incorporating accessories into every look."

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Stevie Nicks fashion doesn't get old

Fashion of the '70s has had a huge resurgence in recent years. Stevie Nicks fashion is a mainstay of social media posts, and a younger generation of women has come to appreciate the way she's always unapologetically been herself and had fun with fashion. As Nicks herself has put it, "I could never go onstage in street clothes because it’s not who I am. I could never go out there in a pair of jeans and a denim jacket. I mean, I don’t do casual very well. Even my normal life, I’m in cashmere pants and a cashmere sweater and cashmere thoughts."

Stevie Nicks onstage in 1978
Stevie Nicks onstage in 1978
Paul Natkin/Getty

In recent years, Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel, Daisy Jones and the Six and the Amazon Prime series based on the book, both of which were heavily influenced by Nicks and her band, have led to even more appreciation of Nicks' signature style, and its safe to say she's not going to go out of fashion anytime soon.

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How to recreate Stevie Nicks' style

The great thing about Nicks' style is that you can have fun with it by just pulling a few pieces from your closet, both old and new. "Mix textures like lace, beading, fringe, velvet and embroidery, and play around with proportions," advises Brown. Essentially, the more mismatched, the better. The goal is to take a very free-spirited approach to choosing the pieces you'll use to recreate her look, not thinking too much about what goes together and what doesn't.

Stevie Nicks poses for a photo backstage in 1985
Stevie Nicks in 1985
Donaldson Collection/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

And don't be afraid to step outside the box! "Nicks was a bit of a rule breaker and would wear a kimono or shawl over long dresses, styled with either suede boots or platforms," says Brown. "The hallmark of her looks was always a little bit witchy and a little bit gypsy."

A nice bonus? Nicks' fashion is also surprisingly comfy, as it's all about flowing silhouettes. "Her accentuated proportions, like large bell sleeves that moved around her her body when she performed, defined her style," says Katsanis. "Fringe was huge — she loved anything that hung softly and added shape and volume to her look."

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14 Stevie Nicks fashion moments from the '70s to today

To give you some inspiration, here's a look back at Nicks' top style moments throughout her career.

1. Stevie Nicks fashion 1975: High-rise jeans and shawls

Stevie Nicks sitting on car
Fin Costello/Getty

Nicks loved high-waisted flared pants. In this 1975 look, she paired her jeans with a rust-colored shawl over a triangle top in orange and purple, two popular colors of the time. In an interview, Nicks revealed she's kept all her shawls over the years, and joked, "I’m trying to give my shawls away — but there’s thousands of them. If I ever write my life story, maybe that should be the name of my book: There’s Enough Shawls to Go Around."

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2. Stevie Nicks fashion 1975: Wide, bell-like sleeves

Stevie Nicks singing in studio with flare sleeve shirt and jeans
Fin Costello/Getty

Nicks loved sporting tops with deep V-cuts and flowy, loose sleeves. She accessorized this 1975 look with a brooch at the center point of the V.

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3. Stevie Nicks fashion 1977: All black kimonos

Stevie Nicks performing wearing black lace kimono
Richard McCaffrey/Getty

Nicks often brought a touch of gothic romance to her style and rocked darker colors, including all-black, lacy ensembles. In this onstage look, she's wearing a black V-neck cropped tee, high-rise black pants and a lace-embroidered black kimono.

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4. Stevie Nicks fashion 1977: Funky hats

Stevie Nicks wearing hat and kimono while playing tamberine.
Ed Perlstein/Getty

In this 1977 look, Nicks plays the tambourine while wearing a slouchy patterned hat and kimono paired with sunglasses, accessories she often still wears today.

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5. Stevie Nicks fashion 1977: Bring on the patterns

Stevie Nicks performing on stage wearing patterned, burgundy kimono
Larry Hulst/Getty

There's no doubt Nicks loved mixing patterns and textures. Here, her burgundy patterned kimono has small hints of rhinestones and fringe along the edging of the sleeves.

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6. Stevie Nicks fashion 1977: Skinny scarves

Stevie Nicks singing on stage wearing hat and skinny scarf
Ed Perlstein/Getty

Nicks wrapped a long, skinny scarf around her neck for this outfit and topped it off with the wide-brimmed hat she was known for wearing.

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7. Stevie Nicks fashion 1980: White lace

Stevie Nicks wearing white lace
Chris Walter/Getty

Known for her darker, more patterned picks, Nicks took a slight turn in the 80s by donning a romantic all-white ensemble with a sheer kimono with lace-trimmed cuffs.

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8. Stevie Nicks fashion 1987: Chunky accessories

Stevie Nicks wearing black lace and accessories
Aaron Rapoport/Getty

No doubt, Nicks had a more-is-more philosophy when it came to accessories. She often wore chunky bracelets, necklaces and earrings, along with belts and scarves.

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9. Stevie Nicks fashion 1988: Corset-style tops

Fleetwood Mac singer on stage wearing white corset
Rob Verhorst/Getty

Another big trend we're seeing now? Corset-style tops, but, you guessed it, Nicks was wearing them decades ago! In 1988, she paired a white, plunging corset top with gold detailing along the waistline with a cropped, gold sequin embroidered jacket popular. Very '80s, but still very Stevie!

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10. Stevie Nicks fashion 1989: Patterned ponchos

Stevie Nicks wearing colorful poncho
Tom Wargacki/Getty

Ponchos were another staple in Nicks' closet. Here, she was seen wearing a vibrant, colored poncho over an all-white ensemble.

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11. Stevie Nicks fashion 1998: Fringe shawls

Fleetwood Mac singer in 1998
Dana Nalbandian/Getty

Nicks' majestic stage presence was surely due to her sultry voice and ethereal lyrics, but her fashion choices added yet another captivating layer to her look. Case in point: her ability to pair an elegant black dress with a sheer, rhinestone-accented bohemian kimono.

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12. Stevie Nicks fashion 2018: Billowing skirts

Fleetwood Mac singer wearing gold shawl
Kevin Winter/Getty

Nicks has stayed admirably true to her signature style in recent years. In 2018, she wore a gold, embellished shawl over a tulle accented black dress with a billowing skirt.

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13. Stevie Nicks fashion 2019: All black

Stevie Nicks performing in 2019
Jeff Kravitz/Getty

An all-black ensemble doesn't have to be boring, as Nicks proved when she rocked an all-black lacy look on stage.

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14. Stevie Nicks fashion 2022: Black and white

Fleetwood Mac singer performing on stage in 2022
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

Nicks is still going strong at 75, and onstage in 2022 she remained true to her classic style layering a white, ruffled dress with a black velvet asymmetrical jacket with bell sleeves.

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