Steven Spielberg Shares Which Film He Considers To Be "Pretty Perfect"

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Legendary director Steven Spielberg has been the mind behind some of the greatest film in history. True classics like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan are amongst some of the films that has garnered him the title of one of the most critically acclaimed directors of our time.

In an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Spielerbg did divulge what he thought to be his "pretty perfect" and one that he can watch all the time. In conversation with Colbert, he explained how he does not usually watch his films, "I don't look back that often, but every once in a while I'll see a movie with my kids." He added, "I want to accompany my kids when they see E.T. for the first time. I don't want them to see E.T. without dad sitting there. Especially the scary parts at the beginning."

E.T. is a science fiction film that came out in 1982. The storyline surrounds an extraterrestrial who befriends a young boy named Elliot. It starred Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Peter Coyote, Robert MacNaughton, and Drew Barrymore and generated approximately $800 million USD at the box office. It won several awards including Oscars and the Golden Globe for Best Picture-Drama. Spielberg told Colbert in the interview, "Sometimes I see things that I had intended to do that I didn't do, and sometimes I see things that would have been a better idea that I'm now seeing all these years later, but for the most part E.T. is a pretty perfect movie. It's one of the few movies I've made that I can look back at again and again. There's about five or six films that I can watch again, but I usually don’t do that."

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