Steve Harvey Went Off on ‘Family Feud’ Star Kristin Chenoweth Over Her NSFW Answer

Celebrity Family Feud can always expect contestants on the game show to give out of left field answers. But in actress Kristin Chenoweth's case, her response led to a NSFW moment and an apology.

During a recent episode of the hit ABC game show, host Steve Harvey called the Tony Award winner and Hocus Pocus star Kathy Najmy to the podium. With six answers on the board, the Judge Steve Harvey star asked them: "After the lips, what is your favorite part of a man to kiss?"

As soon as Kristin hit the buzzer, she delivered a line that no one was truly prepared to hear. You can see the clip below for the Wicked Broadway singer's direct response:

Upon hearing her answer, fellow Celebrity Family Feud were taken back. Kathy had to hide her laughter and Steve exasperatedly walked away from the podium. Even Kristin's fiancé Josh Bryant looked flabbergasted by the answer, with an immediate blush coming to his cheeks.

As she suddenly realized just how egregious her comment was, she tried to backpedal and remedy the situation. Kristin then attempted to apologize to Steve for making him — and the entire audience — uncomfortable. "I'm sorry," she said to the host. "I'm a good Christian girl. Forgive me."

When fans caught wind of the incident, they were in immediate hysterics. Viewers loved the moment so much, many took to the YouTube comments to give their two cents. What's more, some couldn't help but point out Steve's words to Kristin regarding her candid answer.

"Poor Kristin getting the famous Steve Harvey roast. ON THE SPOT! LOL," one person wrote. "Love it, keeping it real," another added. "People always give such dirty answers 🙈🤣," a different fan said.

Despite the hilarity of it all, the actress' response wasn't on the leaderboard. Instead, Kathy's more tame statement ("the cheek") gave her family the chance to play the round. But at least we know one thing, whenever Kristin is around, there's bound to be something spicy!

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