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Steve Harvey Fans Came to His Defense on TikTok After He Showed Off Throwback Photos

·2 min read

Steve Harvey has always had an impeccable sense of fashion.

The beloved Family Feud host and comedian recently took fans down memory lane with a TikTok of himself dressed to impress at various events throughout the years. Set to Outkast’s hit song “So Fresh, So Clean,” the 15-second video shows Steve wearing different suit-and-tie combinations while accepting an award, posing on the red carpet, attending the BET Awards, performing on stage and more.

Hilariously, according to the 64-year-old daytime Emmy winner, his and his wife Marjorie Harvey's kids — Lori, Jason, Morgan, Karli, Brandi, Broderick Jr. and Wynton — didn’t admire his outfits.

“My kids saw these photos and thought they were funny..,” he captioned the TikTok. “These fools don’t know that I be dressing! That’s why they call me Blue Cheese! #fashion.”

That said, many of Steve's fans on TikTok took to the comments section to come to the Facebook Watch star’s defense about his wardrobe choices.

“Don’t listen to your children. You are one classy man. You do you boo 👌,” one person wrote. “They don’t know real fashion then,” another added. “You tell 'em Steve!” a different fan said. “The kids won’t appreciate fully until they are our age! 😁,” a follower commented.

Clearly, Steve's fans have his back when it comes to social media. In the past, many of his followers also loved seeing him post video clips on Instagram showing how he maintains his iconic mustache and revealing the secret to non-slippery leather shoes.

Whether it’s Steve’s blast from the past outfits or his latest designer ensemble, one thing’s for certain: the man’s got style and knows how to show it off on social media. We hope to see more of these types of posts in the future.

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