Stepdad pulls bonus daughter out of class to reveal her name change is official

A dad brought his bonus daughter to tears when he surprised her with her new last name, and the touching footage is going viral.

TikTok account @dadandboujiee gained over 6.4 million views and 23,000 comments when they uploaded the video to their family account, whose bio describes them as the “modern-day Brady Bunch.”

Now, much like the stepdad whose “biggest blessing” is his bonus son with Down syndrome, this stepdad’s love for his little girl proves that DNA doesn’t define family.

The video begins with the on-screen text, “Surprising our daughter with her new last name! #StepChildAdoption”

The excited dad stands in the lobby of his stepdaughter’s school, holding a sign that reads, “I gave you my heart 5 years ago, and now I give you my last name.”

Beside him, his wife holds a sign that reads, “It’s official! Camryn Rousell.”

The video then cuts to Camryn walking down the hallway towards her parents, a look of happy confusion on her face.

As she gets closer to her mom and stepdad, she’s able to make out the sign — and when the message finally sinks in, she’s overcome with emotion.

Camryn rushes towards her dad, who lifts her up, holds her in a tight embrace, and cries.

“If y’all looked into that baby’s eyes, you would be ugly crying too,” the video’s caption reads.

“That is some pure love…”

The family’s clip profoundly moved many TikTokers, as evidenced by their sweet comments.

“I have watched this so many times and I cry literally every time. I love your love for your family,” one user wrote.

“OK, I am bawling. Love it. Keep showing us men how to be a great and better dad, and loving husband. God bless you and yours,” another user commented.

“The look on dad’s face says it all. What a treasure. Thank you for sharing,” wrote one user.

“It’s awesome the mom stepped aside and let them have the moment,” observed another user.

“I celebrate my name change every year. I call it my second birthday. It’s way more meaningful than my first!” shared one user.

“You go ahead and cry, Daddy!! That is some pure love!” another user wrote.

As Camryn’s dad explains in another video, step or biological, he and his wife consider all of the kids “their own.” After all, we don’t have to be related by blood to be connected by the heart!

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