Step inside the wake-up routine of a NYC-based figure skater: ‘That time is precious in the morning’

New York City-based figure skater Joe Johnson (@joejohnsonice) fits some dog time and a yoga session into the first 15 minutes of his day. In this episode of ITK: First 15 Minutes, Joe takes us through his morning routine to show us everything he does before heading off for a day full of figure skating lessons.

The first thing Joe does every day is to take his dog, Moose, out for a walk, explaining, “He adds to my morning in that I have somebody else that I’m responsible for besides myself. Time is precious in the morning, so I have to make sure that I give enough time to walk him and feed him.”

After returning from their walk, Moose heads to his dog bed while Joe gets the dog food ready. Joe adds two scoops of pumpkin to Moose’s kibble and then brings the bowl to the dog bed.

“He won’t eat unless you give him a kiss on the forehead,” Joe explains as he does just that.

Now that Moose is fed, Joe is ready for some “me time,” meaning yoga. Since space is limited in New York, Joe is creative with where he makes room for his yoga routine — crawling through the window into his building’s backyard.

“The reason I do yoga in the mornings, even though all of my job is exercise, is because I don’t really get to exercise for myself a lot,” Joe says.

Next up is coffee. Joe heads back to his kitchen to brew himself a cup of coffee, explaining that he only has one per day. “If I drink any more, I start to get a little anxious and shaky. And that’s not very good for figure skating,” he says.

The next step to Joe’s routine is getting himself ready for his day. This entails brushing his teeth, applying sunscreen and filling in his mustache. Then he gets dressed and packs his skates so he’s ready to head out the door.

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