Step inside beauty influencer Emira D'Spain's glamorous and Barbie-inspired closet

With more than one million followers on TikTok, beauty influencer and model Emira D'Spain takes us on a tour of her glamorous and Barbie-inspired closet.

Video Transcript

EMIRA D'SPAIN: Hi. Emira D'Spain. And you're watching In The Know's "Coveted Closet." Come on in.


I live in New York City in Financial District, Tribeca. Clearly, I don't dress like a lot of other New Yorkers. But I feel like this is very much me and like my energy. I draw most of my influence from my emotions, my mood, and like my personal vibe.

I think I would describe my style in three words, glam, sexy, fun. I feel like when I dress in like bubbly, like fun colors, it like reflects my personality more because I'm a very bubbly, fun person, literally, a human Barbie. It's important for me to express myself through my clothing because I think that it really conveys who I am as a person, without me ever having to open my mouth. Like, you could take a good look at me walking down the street and be like, I kind of can get the vibe.

When it comes to fashion, I think Chanel Oberlin from "Scream Queen," also, I feel like Christine Quinn, Elle Woods. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits. I wore this during Fashion Week. It's all Alice and Olivia, and then the shoes are Valentino.

I love being really tall. If you're tall out there and people have made you feel like you can't wear heels, I'm 5' 11", and I'm wearing these 6-inch heels. So currently, I'm 6' 5". Yeah, right?

OK. So we are in my favorite closet. And I'm gonna show you guys a few of my favorite pieces. This is definitely my favorite bag of the moment right now. She is an Hermes Birkin 25 in Rose Azalee, palladium hardware in swift leather. I literally just got her yesterday.

My next favorite bag is this one. I actually got this in Paris. This is from Louis Vuitton's like, Spring collection, I think. I actually got the last one in the country because it was like literally all sold out. And I got in a fight with some girl over it and I won. So I got the bag.


And the last favorite bag of mine at the moment is this Chanel. I got myself this for Christmas . I definitely deserved it. This is definitely one of my favorite bags of all time. This is one of my favorite dresses from Aria. And I wore this for New Year's a few years ago. It's got this stunning little heart down here. I like--

This is from House of CB. I actually wear this to a charity event. My other second favorite color is red. It's like the hotter version of pink. She's got a little body oil on her. She needs to be dry cleaned.

Vintage furs-- this is actually from my friend Simone's brand. It's called Penny Lane. Literally, it's so stunning. It's giving like sexy Cruella vibes. These are from Christian Louboutin. And they are very sexy. These are my favorite like, winter shoe. These with tights-- oh my god.

These are without doubt, the most beautiful shoes that you will ever find on the planet. I wore these for New Year's. And I can't wait to wear them again. They're literally so beautiful. I have them in literally every color and in so many different styles.

These are another style of Rene Caovilla's that I love. And I wear these a lot when I want to go out to dinner in the Summer and then in the Spring and I don't want to wear heels, because it's like 100 million degrees outside. These are the iconic Versace heels. I got them a little late because these were expensive. I clearly have worn them many times, but you know what, who cares.

Start with your shoes when you're planning out your locks. It literally makes the biggest difference when like, I feel like you're trying to figure out your day. It's important to consider the temperature or not. Because a wise woman, Kim Kardashian, once said to create your climate. And that is the best thing I've ever heard because no matter where you're going, you can create the environment in which you're going in, for the most part. So like, for example, I can wear this in the dead of winter, as long as I'm in the back seat of an Escalade.

If you want to build a look around your mood, the best thing to do is like play with colors. For the most part, I feel like I'm a very romantic, bubbly person, Libra, duh. But when I'm like feeling down or like I want to be like my sad emo girl era, I will wear like more blacks, browns, dark colors. Not to say that you can only wear those colors when you're feeling sad, because I also wear those colors when I'm feeling sexy.

With texture, I think you can really play with it for your mood. Because like right now, this is really fun and flirty and like, it's like cotton vibes. And it's like really ruffly, cutesy, fun. So you can play with like, something like this. Like this texture is just like so like "alien-esque" to me.

So a lot of my style, I feel like goes back to three words, glam, sexy, fun. They can all be combined together, or they can all be separate. I am wearing this super cute cowboy princess vibe. Cowboy boots, obviously, because I grew up in Dallas, Texas. And then this outfit, I feel like gives like bubblegum, Barbie princess.

Obviously, pink is my favorite color. This is from LoveShack Fancy, and the boots are Steve Madden. I feel like I wear this when I feel like more casual, but still want to look cute.

If someone out there is feeling afraid to be themselves, I would say write down why. Start really writing down like, what is it that's making you feel afraid? And start conquering it one at a time, day by day. Doesn't have to be all at once because I'm sure there's multiple factors that play into that. I mean, I have moments like that. We all do. We're humans. But like if you write them down and you start to tackle them day by day, if it's like oh, I'm scared someone at school is going to laugh at this hoodie that I wore, where the hoodie.