Step Aside Espresso Martini, 2023 Is All About the Matcha Martini

Here's how to make it.

<p>Jillian Barreca</p>

Jillian Barreca

The pace of social media, especially TikTok food trends, has certainly sped up the rate of "what's in" and "what's out." Remember the Baked Feta Pasta days? And Butter Boards? How could we forget!

Certain trends come and go, but some things are timeless. We'll never tire of Grandma's comfort food, Friday pizza nights and anything that comes out of Ina Garten's kitchen.

Martinis also make this list, as James Bond taught us that they are the classy cocktail to serve and sip. But just as we now invite gluten-free pizza crusts to our party, modern day mixologists are riffing on the theme and rewriting the rules of what makes a martini a martini. Whether shaken or stirred; made with alcohol or a spirit-free swap; infused with pomegranate juice or flavored like a Girl Scout cookie, the 21st century martini is still "in," of course. But she has far fewer rules—and we love to see it.

Hot on the heels of the Espresso Martini, which took over cocktail bars around the world circa 2022, a new drink du jour is making waves on social media: the Matcha Martini. Read on to learn more about why these tea-infused cocktails are gaining traction, then learn how to make one at home.

What Is a Matcha Martini?

Guessing who "invented" the first matcha martini is about like trying to pin down who created the concept of a casserole. Chances are high that they've been served at cocktail bars around the world for years, but the idea really picked up steam on TikTok in early 2023. To date, #matchamartini has 2.8 million views on the social media app, many of which can be traced back to @liv.yah's January 2023 video that has garnered more than 1 million views alone as of press time.

The vivid green hue of a matcha martini is eye-catching and practically destined to go viral. Plus, the creamy consistency makes this drink feel like part cocktail, part dessert.

Matcha is the key ingredient that gives the emerald tint to this cocktail recipe. Translated from Japanese, matcha means "powdered tea." The leaves that are used to make matcha powder contain high levels of chlorophyll, hence the bright color.

Allrecipes members have infused matcha into tea cakes, lattes, frappuccinos, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream already, and we're jazzed that this cocktail trend has given us yet another way to use the gorgeous green powder.

How to Make a Matcha Martini

Since everyone has a different style (and varying flavor preferences), there's no one standard or "best" matcha martini recipe. Scroll through #matchamartini and you'll spy dozens of remixes, including everything from vodka to tequila and creamy latte-inspired drinks to fruity, juicy cocktails like our Tropical Matcha Cocktail recipe. Matcha martini mocktails are even making the rounds.

The basic formula includes matcha powder + a liquor (or try a spirit-free liquor alternative) + simple syrup + a creamy liqueur (such as white creme de cacao or almond, or orgeat for a N/A drink). Feel free to adjust amounts to meet your match(a).


  • 2 ounces matcha, brewed and cooled (we suggest 1 teaspoon matcha +1/4 cup hot water)

  • 1 ounce vodka

  • 1/2 ounce white creme de cacao

  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup

  • Optional: Pinch of matcha powder, to garnish


  1. In a cocktail shaker filled about 3/4 with ice, add prepared matcha, vodka, creme de cacao, and simple syrup.

  2. Top with the lid, and shake for 1 to 2 minutes, or until frothy.

  3. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with more matcha powder, if desired.