For Stella McCartney, Sustainability in Skincare Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The designer shares the details on her eponymous line of clean skincare products.

<p>Courtesy of Stella McCartney</p>

Courtesy of Stella McCartney

Sustainability has been a priority for Stella McCartney long before it was the biggest buzzword in the fashion and beauty industries. The designer elevated the use of vegan, cruelty-free leather and organic cotton in luxury fashion, and is now taking a the same approach with STELLA by Stella McCartney, a line of clean skincare products she launched earlier this fall.

While many designers and celebrities are getting into the skincare game, this isn't McCartney's first rodeo. In 2006, the designer created Care, a line of unisex organic skincare products, in partnership with YSL. A move, McCartney says the beauty industry wasn't ready for at the time.

"Skincare has always been a passion of mine. I launched my first skincare line back in 2006, and to be honest, it was almost too ahead of its time," McCartney tells InStyle. "It had to be pulled due to regulatory challenges in the US with organic labeling, which was pretty heart breaking.  Since then, I’ve always wanted to re-enter the world of beauty."


STELLA is built around McCartney's minimalist approach to skincare. "When creating this range, I looked to mirror my own routine. I think there is a need to simplify our routines – to pare it down to the essentials," she shares. "Our skin is very good at looking after itself. Each product works hard for your skin, but the formulas and ingredients are sourced responsibly to ensure they don’t strip the planet of its resources."

The initial product lineup consists of three universal skincare essentials powered by plant-derived actives. There's the Reset Cleanser ($60) "a 2-in1 cleanser hat melts away makeup, and also cleanses the skin of impurities;" the Alter-Care Serum ($140), a nourishing, barrier-strengthening formula that McCartney says is "a high-performance serum that totally transformed my skin;" and the Restore Cream ($105), a rich moisturizer that she says "if you’re like me and hate anything greasy but still need that moisture surge, then this is for you."

All of the products are refillable, certified cruelty-free and vegan by the Cruelty-Free International Leaping Bunny Program and the Vegan Society. The line has also been vetted by Quantis, an environmental sustainability consultancy, to ensure sustainability standards and quality.


All three products are also infused with a unique scent inspired by the designer's upbringing in Scotland, and was created in partnership with renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.

"The scent combines the inspiration of the line with my cherished memories of Scotland in April. The principle of sustainability was essential and over the course of multiple rounds of sensorial quality tests, we created a scent that was perfect for this launch," McCartney says. "The result is a signature-fragrance acting in harmony with skin and the planet using 89.6% natural-origin ingredients." The designer adds that it was also important that the scent be suitable for all skin types, including those who are sensitive.

As for the future of the brand, McCartney hopes she continues to demonstrate that a more sustainable option is available at all stages of product creation.

"I always say there is no 'one' magic solution when it comes to sustainability – we need to be mindful and consider our options at each step of the process to minimize our impact," McCartney says. "It is my hope that creators and consumers increasingly recognize they have the power to make positive change for our planet with their choices."

STELLA by Stella McCartney is available at Get all the details on the three products, below.

Stella by Stella McCartney Reset Cleanser

<p>Courtesy of Stella McCartney</p>

Courtesy of Stella McCartney


This creamy cleanser melts away makeup and cleanses the skin of excess oil and dirt. But most importantly, the fatty acid, vitamin C, and mineral-rich formula doesn't leave your face dry and tight.

Stella by Stella McCartney Alter-Care Serum

<p>Courtesy of Stella McCartney</p>

Courtesy of Stella McCartney


The hero product of McCartney's three-product range, the Alter-Care Serum replenishes hydration levels and strengthens the skin barrier. In fact, it's designed to be so nourishing, that you can skip following up with moisturizer – if you so desire.

Stella by Stella McCartney Restore Cream

<p>Courtesy of Stella McCartney</p>

Courtesy of Stella McCartney


Extremely dry skin will love this rich, decadent cream that also works to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Despite it being uber-hydrating and thick, it doesn't leave skin with that slimy, greasy feeling.

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