You Can Stay in the Hotel Suite Where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio Once Lived

Forget diamonds — this hotel suite is a girl's best friend.

In honor of iconic actress Marilyn Monroe, The Lexington Hotel in New York City has named one of its luxurious suites the Norma Jeane Suite.

The 600-square-foot suite uses Monroe’s birth name, Norma Jeane Mortenson. Monroe is said to have lived in that very suite with her husband at the time, New York Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio, while filming "The Seven Year Itch." The stars were married for just 274 days, from January to October 1954.

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The design company, Fringe, remodeled the palatial room from top to bottom with gorgeous art depicting the actress, marble floors, a huge bathroom with a bathtub that even a movie star would love, and a walk-in closet decorated with Bloomingdale’s bags. The suite also features a 200-square-foot terrace for looking out at the New York City skyline.

The suite has a pink, gray, white, and black color scheme with little red accents scattered throughout — presumably a nod to Monroe’s signature red lipstick. You can also see some details dedicated to DiMaggio, like a baseball bat in the umbrella stand.

Even though it has a very vintage feel, the room also comes with all the modern amenities like a flat screen TV, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, Wi-Fi, iHome, and a Sub-Zero refrigerator. Fitting, since fans will remember how Monroe loved her ice box in the movie.

Of course, experiencing old Hollywood glamour in New York City requires a high budget. The room will set you back $1,200 per night.

For more information on booking, visit the The Lexington Hotel website.