You Can Stay on the ‘FBOY Island’ Set – But It’ll Cost You

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You Can Stay on the ‘FBOY Island’ Set – But It’ll Cost You

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FBOY Island is a dating show with more drama than romance. Some of the men on the show will do anything to get $100,000, and the women have to do everything they can not to get duped on national television. The only aspect of the show that isn’t filled with drama is the eye-catching filming location.

In Season 1, the show filmed in the Cayman Islands, and specifically on Grand Cayman. Amidst the heartbreak and romance, the men and women of FBOY got to lay about in the Caribbean sun and drink and party the day away. But this season, the stakes are higher than ever: in Season 1, the winning FBoy didn’t actually get to take home the $100,000, but this season they can. A brand new season with money on the line for everyone means a brand new location.

Still, as you can see in Season 2, there are a few mainstays. The women live in a lush villa, while the men live in a separate area, equally as nice. And when they get voted off? Well, there’s still Nice Guy Grotto, a third luxurious location for eliminated Nice Guys where they can cry about their feelings or call their moms or whatever it is self-proclaimed Nice Guys get up to. The FBoys supposedly lick their wounds and live in a Survivor-style compound called Limbro devoid of any perks. In reality, though, they too are probably living it up in a nice hotel.

So, where is FBOY Island Season 2 set? Read on to find out.

Where Is FBOY Island Season 2 Filmed?

FBOY Island Season 2 is filmed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in a private home called Casa Ocho and consists of 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, enough to house 34 people. That’s more than enough room for the show’s contestants. The villa is located in Punta Bella, a private community not too far from shops and resorts.

Photo credit: VRBO
Photo credit: VRBO

If you’re interested in getting a taste of the reality television lifestyle, Bustle reports the villa is also available to rent through VRBO. But be warned, there’s a whopping price tag of $12,000 a night.

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