Here’s what your state was cooking in 2020

Madeline Buiano

This was a major year for at-home cooking. The coronavirus pandemic kept people sequestered in their homes, with little but bread baking and TikTok hacks to keep them occupied. Truly, if you gained any new skills during 2020, they were probably related to cooking. You learned everything from how to cook fiddleheads to how to make an Old-Fashioned.

But what were the most sought-out recipes during 2020? Apparently, Americans do most of their recipe Googling around the holidays, and crave comfort. Buckeye candy, chocolate chip cookies, prime rib, and black eyed peas were some of the most popular state-to-state. According to data provided by Google, these are the top trending recipes in every state (in the food and drink category) from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30, 2020.