Here's a Look at Everything We Know So Far About 'Outlander' Prequel 'Blood of My Blood'

With the announcement of Outlander’s eighth and final season came word that STARZ had picked up a prequel to its hit romantic, time-travel drama, based on the series of novels by bestselling author Diana Gabaldon. The prequel, to be titled Outlander: Blood of My Blood, will be centered on another epic love story. That of Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) parents Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie and takes place 20 years prior to the start of Outlander.

Outlander: Blood of My Blood is, at its heart, a love story,” Matthew B. Roberts, showrunner and executive producer said in a statement. “It will explore what lengths a person will go to find love in a time when love is considered a luxury, and when marriages are made strategically, often for political or financial gain. The title is a nod to Jamie Fraser’s marriage vow to Claire Claire (Caitríona Balfe) and there will be several names and faces that Outlander fans will know and recognize.”

When will Blood of My Blood premiere?

With any luck, the series will make it to screen by 2024, but could possibly be held until 2025. It’s in the early stages now, and there is still Season 8 of Outlander for Roberts to oversee.

How many episodes will there be in Blood of My Blood season 1?

Blood of My Blood will be a 10-episode season.

What do we know about the story of Blood of My Blood?

Jamie Fraser himself told the story of the romance between Brian and Ellen in season 1 to Claire, so we know that it was a forbidden marriage. But Brian and a headstrong Ellen fell in love and married despite her family’s objections—Brian wasn’t considered good enough because he was a bastard, even though his father was Lord Lovat. As a result, they eloped during the Great Gathering because Ellen’s brothers had promised her hand to someone else.

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Last year at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Gabaldon told the audience that she had already contributed story ideas for the new show.

“We know the start of their story because Jamie told it in Outlander, but of course there is a lot more to tell, as the first part of the story takes part during the 1715 Jacobite Rising,” Gabaldon said. “The story is woven in with the Jacobite Risings – there will be a lot of clan politics and other interesting things.”

Not surprisingly, Gabaldon also has a book in the works, as yet untitled.

"I have written a three-page synopsis of what I conceive to be the beginning of the book,” Gabaldon continued. “I gave them that to work off, which they are doing. Meanwhile, I will show them the pieces of the book I am writing. They will use what they can use. That is all assuming the show is green-lit. If it does, I will certainly be involved in it.”

In addition, Gabaldon has released an excerpt from the as yet untitled novel, which is too long to include here, but can be read on Gabaldon's website.



What characters will be featured in Blood of My Blood?

Brian Fraser: We met Brian in season 1 of Outlander during a flashback scene in which Jamie was being whipped by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). Brian died from the shock of seeing his son being so treated. At that time, Andrew Whipp played Brian, but the role will need to be recast for the prequel because it will feature a much younger Brian.

Ellen MacKenzie: Ellen has never popped up during the six seasons of Outlander because she died while Jamie was just a wee bairn, which was many years before the events of the books and the series began.

Jocasta MacKenzie, Ellen’s sister

Dougall MacKenzie, Ellen’s brother

Colum MacKenzie, Ellen’s brother

Murtagh FitzgGibbons Fraser, who is second cousin to Brian: We came to love Murtagh before his demise in the Outlander series—he died at Culloden in the books, so years earlier than on the show—but the one thing that did remain the same is the secret, unrequited love he felt for Ellen.



Other possibilities are Brian’s father Lord Lovett, Ellen’s two other sisters Janet and Flora and Brian’s two half-brothers Simon and Alexander.

How involved will Diana Gabaldon be in the creation of Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

The creative team that brings Outlander to the screen will also be running the show on the prequel. Outlander showrunner and executive producer Matthew B. Roberts will serve in the same roles for Blood of My Blood, as will his Outlander executive producer Maril Davis, who will serve as an EP once again. And Ronald D. Moore, who developed Outlander from book to series, will also EP with Gabaldon serving as a consulting producer on the series.

Who's on the production team for Blood of My Blood?

Joining Roberts as part of the Blood of My Blood team will be Maril Davis, who will also executive produce the prequel along with Ronald D. Moore, who developed Outlander for television, under their production banner Tall Ship Productions.

Where can I watch Outlander: Blood of My Blood?

When it premieres, Outlander: Blood of My Blood will air exclusively on STARZ and the STARZ app.

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