Starbucks Reportedly Discontinued Its Raspberry Syrup Flavor As TikTokers React: 'I Will Never Buy Starbucks Again'

Rumors began swirling on social media this week that Starbucks has discontinued its beloved raspberry beverage syrup in the United States. This syrup, as HITC points out, is often used to make popular drinks like the chain’s ‘Raspberry Iced Tea,’ ‘Raspberry Chocolate Dream Frappuccino,’ and ‘Raspberry Lime Refresher.’

Sadly, in a statement to HITC and GRV Media, a spokesperson for Starbucks confirmed that the coffee giant will soon completely remove the syrup from its menus. This sparked thousands of TikTok comments, tweets and other reactions from fans who expressed their “devastation” and “disappointment” regarding the news.

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Starbucks Bids Adieu To Popular Raspberry Beverage Syrup

Whether you once liked to add raspberry syrup to your coffee, or tea (one popular hack was to make a Raspberry Matcha or whip up a Strawberry Açaí Lemonade with added raspberry), the chain confirmed that this will not be possible in the near future.

“Customers may continue to see raspberry syrup available at select stores over the coming weeks, though it will no longer be offered as part of Starbucks menu,” the spokesperson said.


They added, “As a standard course of business, we continually evaluate the items on our menu, using various criteria to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers and our business priorities. Our baristas would be happy to recommend an alternative customization.”

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Fan Reactions On TikTok & Twitter

The rumors emerged, HITC notes, on March 13th after a self-dubbed Starbucks worker ( informed fans of the syrup discontinuation in a TikTok video. She claimed that the news of the syrup’s removal had been revealed in the weekly update that Starbucks baristas are provided with in US stores.

“Pov ur me after I clock in at Starbucks and read on the weekly update they’re discontinuing raspberry syrup,” she wrote. After filming herself looking sad in response to the syrup departure news, she racked up more than 235,000 views.

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In her comment section, fans began sharing their thoughts on the raspberry syrup’s disappearance. “I will never buy Starbucks again if this happens,” one user wrote as another added, “I can’t go without my starberry acai lemonade with raspberry.”

Someone else chimed in, “No no please tell me it’s a joke” as one other replied, “If this is true they’ll literally lose hundreds of thousands JUST FROM ME.”


And that’s not all! Many on Twitter also mourned the Starbucks raspberry syrup. One fan tweeted after the news broke, “starbucks discontinuing raspberry syrup just ruined my year” as someone else wrote, “STARBUCKS IS DISCONTINUING THEIR RASPBERRY SYRUP IM GONNA CRY.”

Here’s hoping the chain brings it back some day…