Starbucks Created An Official Order For Everyone Based On Their Zodiac Sign And It’s Scary Accurate

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With just two days ahead of us until Valentine's Day, Starbucks is giving us the info we truly need in order to find a perfect partner. And by that I mean Starbucks Canada went ahead and published "The Starbucks Zodiac" on their Instagram, and their estimations of what your drink is based on your sign are pretttttty accurate. By that I mean, read it and find your coffee-loving soulmate.

While there are a few "ew no, that's not me"-ish comments on the illustration, most are blown away by the accuracy of their predictions. Thrilled followers are writing things like "they got Libra DOWN" and "THAT ISSO ME" about their drinks.

Photo credit: Starbucks Canada


It'd be helpful, at this point, to list out what the Starbucks Zodiac drinks actually are, no? Mhm, thought so:

  • Aquarius: Starbucks Blonde Latte

  • Capricorn: Cold Brew

  • Sagittarius: Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher

  • Scorpio: Espresso Shot

  • Libra: Flat White with Signature Espresso

  • Virgo: Iced Caramel Macchiato

  • Leo: Iced Passion Mango Tea

  • Cancer: Honey Citrus Mint Tea

  • Gemini: Americano (Hot + Iced)

  • Taurus: Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

  • Aries: Strawberry Coconut Drink

  • Pisces: Java Chip Frappuccino

If you're still wondering why this information is relevant to anyone looking for a Valentine, go ahead and look up your sign's drink with that of your crush's. If, for example, you've been doubting that you, a Sag, and your Scorpio crush might not be meant to be, know that you're correct: A Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher does not go with a shot of espresso. If, however, you're a Leo (Iced Passion Mango Tea) who's looking to chill with a Cancer (Honey Citrus Mint Tea), you're gold.

Trying to think of a cute way to end this with a mention that my husband and I are in fact a Leo-Cancer pair, but he's never had mint tea in his life, so. Happy Valentine's Day, Sbux friends.

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