Starbucks barista calls out customer for ordering a drink mostly consisting of syrups: ‘This made my teeth hurt’

A Starbucks barista put a customer on TikTok blast for requesting a beverage mainly comprised of syrups, and viewers are equally baffled.

A TikToker who goes by the username Angry Barista (@angry_barista) claims to be a barista and 10-year shift supervisor at Starbucks. The Angry Barista frequently shares videos featuring a variety of bizarre orders from customers. However, one of their more recent TikTok posts is giving viewers a secondhand sugar high.

The clip opens with the on-screen text, “Tell me you don’t like coffee by not telling me you don’t like coffee,” before cutting to a shot of a grande-sized Starbucks cup filled almost halfway with syrup.

Breaking down the beverage’s recipe measurement by measurement, the barista first fills a grande-sized cup with six pumps of vanilla syrup, seven pumps of caramel, eight pumps of toffee nut, seven pumps of white mocha and a drizzle of apple and cinnamon dolce.

The barista explains that the space between the second and third lines equals the standard amount of cold brew poured, but since the customer requested a light amount of ice, they’d add more.

However, the barista says, “that wouldn’t even make a difference with the amount of syrup in this cup.” Finally, the light ice and salted cold foam complete the beverage.

“That would give me a headache from one sip.”

The clip alone practically gave viewers a toothache.

“That would give me a headache from one sip,” one user commented.

“This reminds me of [when] a woman came in and ordered a grande green tea with 30 pumps of liquid sugar and complained she couldn’t taste the tea,” recalled one barista.

“This made my teeth hurt,” one viewer joked.

Based on this drink order, some people prefer a sugar rush to a caffeine boost.

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