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Whatever your star sign is, you know you’re a beaut anyway, right? Good. Read on to discover the astrological traits and features associated with your sign that add up to make you so darned attractive. Think of this as a cosmic pep talk from the stars! Enjoy.


The first sign of the zodiac, you demand to be noticed. You have an incredibly warm personality and an innate ~goodness~ which expands into a natural faith in other people. You believe in sticking up for people too; even at your own personal cost, even when it’s a lost cause. You are a magnet for others, because of this ~people person persona~.

Physically, you are sexy and like to be admired, there’s no shyness with you when it comes to flirting or working a crowd. You often have dramatic brows and a piercing gaze, a broad smile and a big laugh. Aries, your fire sign personality can light up a room!


You have a soothing and easy presence, and people feel relaxed and comfortable around you, which is always a ~draw~. Your fortitude, inner self-belief and resilience make you come across as strong and like you can be leaned on (you are and you can).

Physically, you’re blessed because Venus rules your sign, and she is the planet of beauty, love and luxury. Style and looking / smelling / feeling good matters to you. Things have to be just right on the outside for you to feel happy inside.

Photo credit: Steve Granitz/Getty
Photo credit: Steve Granitz/Getty


You are quick-witted, enormous fun, terribly irreverent and very funny. There’s never a dull moment when a Gemini is close by, so the crowd tends to move with you. Geminis get the party started! You are also a natural-born flirt, because you read ~moods~ very well, and have all the right words. You are a skilled communicator, and flirting IS a form of communication after all.

Physically, you tend to have a youthful appearance and love to dress eclectically, interestingly, with vintage or unusual accessories which spark up conversation and questions. Geminis tend to have very agile, graceful arms and hands, which flutter as they recite a tall tale to an admiring crowd! A very beautiful and charming star sign.


Cancers bring enormous compassion and care to people when they’re at their lowest. No other sign has the emotional intelligence and genuine understanding of human nature to help make people feel better and stronger – you are a star sign that others confide in, lean on and want in their corner.

Your best physical asset is usually your beautiful eyes. All Cancerians have deep, soulful peepers with the mystical power to ~melt~ whoever they’re deep in conversation with. Cancerians also have great smiles, and when they’re genuinely happy or tickled with humour, this beaming grin can light up a room. Cancerians are sexy and passionate.


Leos like to be centre stage, and in the spotlight, and have a lifetime’s experience of knowing how to attract people into their circle and company. You like to command others’ attention and draw praise and admiration, and, TBF, you work hard for your applause. Funny, kind, protective, brave and adventurous. It’s always a good time when there’s a Leo around.

Physically, Leos always have a great mane, there’s just something about Leos and their hair. You love to sport the latest, most stylish looks and can carry off pretty much anything because you have great sass and confidence. You like to strut about, wriggling and slinking to show off your latest ~look~. Leos have natural, innate sex appeal, and they enjoy showing it off.

Photo credit: David Crotty/Getty
Photo credit: David Crotty/Getty


Virgos are the zodiac’s perfectionists, so you like everything to be ~just so~ and present a very controlled and calm persona to the world (even if that’s not what’s going on underneath). Ruled by Mercury, you have great conversation, make people feel listened to, and can banter with the best of them. You are smart, perceptive and naturally gracious. Very easy company.

Physically, Virgos possess an air of serenity and elegance. There’ll rarely be a hair out of place, or a jarring outfit choice. They love to look groomed, neat and sophisticated. They are modest fashionistas! Virgos are like the ultimate woman-about-town, knowing all the best places to go, and having connections all over. They work the world to their advantage, and are happiest sharing the spoils with someone else.


Clever, diplomatic Libra is an essential people pleaser and can morph to charm and cajole any type of personality or character presented to them. Most people who know a Libran think they are special to them; this is your magic trick: making people feel special. Ruled by Venus, you adore beautiful things and culture, and seek perfect balance and harmony in all areas of life. You’re always trying to make your life more beautiful and peaceful and loving.

You often have the most beautific and pleasing smiles (sometimes dimples too)! Librans always look pleasant and serene (even when you’re NOT). Your sensual and romantic nature, and desire for love, gift you with habitual flirting skills. Libra, you are the Cupid of the zodiac, and never short of admirers.

Photo credit: Michael Kovac/Getty
Photo credit: Michael Kovac/Getty


Scorpio is one of the most powerful, strong and resilient signs of the entire zodiac. You exude self-belief and confidence, and literally nothing scares you. Often drawn to the darker side of life, you can be a little bit mad, bad and dangerous (though never boring) to know! You are intense and inscrutable, and emit an air of mystery that makes you irresistible to others.

Physically, Scorpios typically have an intense, piercing gaze. You can fix people with a glare which they’ll never forget (in a kind of good way). Because you are totally fearless about pushing limits and boundaries, you emit a slightly ~dangerous~ sexuality which is unmissable and unforgettable. Everyone is fascinated with Scorpio.


Sagittarians are natural dare-devils and enjoy the thrills and challenges of pushing themselves to new heights, depths, speeds or exhaustion levels! Anything and everything is possible to this bundle of energy. You ADORE flirting, it’s like breathing to you, and you naturally engage everyone you meet with your warm, outgoing personality.

Physically, you are typically athletic, muscular and strong, simply because you’re so on-the-go and love being outdoors, being active and on the move. Sagittarians are friendly, and you physically exude an approachability and good humour that translates into a great smile, open demeanour and twinkly eyes. Your excellent sense of humour and socialness mark you out as one of the most ~in demand~ signs.


There is an inner resolve, strength and ambition to the Capricorn nature which equips you to handle anything life throws at you with stoicism and dogged self-belief. Capricorns get stuff DONE. You are known for being wise, shrewd and capable. What fewer people know, however, is what a wicked and dark sense of humour you possess. It’s your ~hidden gem~.

Capricorns love elegant, stylish, minimalist fashion, albeit you are drawn to expensive labels and designer wear because you both appreciate quality and want others to know this about you. Status is important. You are youthful, fresh-faced and naturally striking. You tend towards dark, brooding good looks, often coming across as serious and maybe a little mysterious.

Photo credit: Jeff Spicer/BFC
Photo credit: Jeff Spicer/BFC


Aquarians are the planet’s most altruistic star sign, intent on invention and innovation and progress, no matter how risky or personally unsafe, for the benefit of others. You have a global world view, and see yourself as a ~global citizen~, you have friends ALL OVER THE PLACE, and are outgoing, assertive and friendly. You’ve always got something on the go.

Physically, you’re one of the signs with ~the eyes~, in this case a faraway, dreamy gaze and expression, which makes others want to know more about what you’re thinking. You often look lost in thought (you are). Eccentric and avant garde fashion choices are another Aquarian signature; you dance to your own beat in the clothes department. Aquarians are edgy and modern, people are always interested in what you’re going to do next.


There’s a worldly-wise, kind aura around the final sign of the zodiac, as if you’ve seen it all before. You are a natural empath, able to tune in to others’ moods and feelings automatically (sometimes, it all gets too much actually). People confide in you, and you give wise counsel. You’re dreamy, imaginative, sensitive, fun and kind.

Pisceans’ astro symbol is two fishes, and you certainly possess an almost ~liquid~ presence, a sensuality and slinky way of moving around that is mesmerising. Pisceans have beautiful eyes more often than not, sometimes a little bulbous, and usually big and sparkling with different hues and shades.

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