Stanley Tucci Shares Hosting Tips for the Perfect Holiday Party

stanley tucci and his favorite holiday pasta dish
Stanley Tucci Shares Holiday Hosting TipsCourtesy of S.Pellegrino

Stanley Tucci is offering exactly what every pasta lover and host needs this season: a recipe kit that features his favorite pasta dish to enjoy during the holidays, complete with a bottle of S.Pellegrino. And, of course, we tapped him for a few hosting tips to set you up for success.

In collaboration with S.Pellegrino, the kit—fittingly named Taste of Tucci—includes everything you need to make the avid cook’s original recipe for Gnocchetti con Salsiccia e Broccolini. Among the fresh ingredients sourced from Italy are gnocchetti sardi, crumbled salsiccia, fresh broccolini. fennel, pecorino romano, and extra virgin olive oil—all paired with a bottle of S.Pellegrino. He decided to pair it with the sparkling mineral water because it's an easy way to elevate the meal compared to serving tap water.

stanley tucci and his favorite holiday pasta dish
Courtesy of S.Pellegrino

“It's really, really simple,” the actor tells House Beautiful. He explains: “You can make it for a few people. You can make it for a whole bunch of people. There are very few ingredients, like a lot of Italian dishes, but it kind of satisfies everybody. You can also make it as a vegetarian dish without the sausage, and it doesn't require a lot to make that change one way or the other.”

When hosting his own dinner parties, Tucci always likes to have the table set before anyone arrives. “My mother used to set it like a week in advance, which I thought was a bit extreme, but it's always good to have the table set,” he says.

As far as the tablescape goes, he leans toward a Scandinavian style with a simple, clean, and modern look. Instead of large bouquets or candelabras, the food takes center stage. “I don't really like huge bowls,” he says. “If you do pasta, it's actually really nice to put it on a platter and then people can go up and help themselves, or you can put it in the middle of the table and serve everybody individually, and then they can help themselves after that.”

In general, Tucci’s ideal number of people to have at a dinner party is eight. He notes that the hard part about hosting and preparing food is that people always want to talk to you while you're cooking, which can distract you and delay the meal. No matter how many people are around, though, he likes to cook something “that sort of happens immediately, and then it goes onto the table, which is what most Italian food is,” he says.

If you’re excited to get your hands on Tucci’s holiday recipe kit, it’s available for $120 through World Chef while supplies last. Each kit serves four to six people, comes with instructions, and includes access to a special cook-along video. Whatever occasion you order it for, it’s sure to elevate your evening.

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