These Stained-Glass Agave Planters Illuminate Shades Of Green In The Sun

These Stained-Glass Agave Planters Illuminate Shades Of Green In The Sun

From Delish

Gone are the days when you had to worry about keeping your plants alive, because there are alternatives that are just as cool. Neil Maciejewski hand-crafts stained glass in his Cape Cod studio that will fill your garden with unique life, and you can shop the creations at Uncommon Goods and Etsy.

You probably know agave from using the nectar as a substitute for sugar. The leaves tend to have sharp teeth, and there are around 200 species of agave. You don’t have to worry about growing them yourself since these stained-glass versions exist. Plus, it takes away the need to maintain them.

If you’re shopping on Uncommon Goods, you can get the Neil Maciejewski creations in three styles and sizes: Spiky Agave, Zen Agave, and Royal Agave. Each one comes with the stained-glass piece, solder, clay pot, stones, and biodegradable foam so it can stand up. That’s everything you need to put it together and display it on your windowsill. They range from $70 to $110.

“He even gives you everything you need to ‘plant’ it: a pot, floral foam, and smooth pebbles to top it all off,” says the Uncommon Goods description. “Choose from three sizes, then place your new botanical buddy in a sunny spot and gaze upon the brilliant shades of lime, emerald, and teal. Have you ever seen a more sublime succulent?”

You can also shop the stained-glass agave planters on Etsy, and there are even more varieties. If you already have a spare pot or want to display them in your backyard garden, you have the option of just buying the stained glass. However, you can add a pot to your purchase.

Once your stained-glass agave planter is ready to go, simply stick it somewhere with a lot of sunlight so you can see all the shades of green shine through (and make cool patterns on your wall or ground).

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