St. Louis Cardinal Player's Reaction to Being Gifted Puppy for His Retirement Is Too Sweet

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Adam Wainwright got the sweetest sendoff when the St. Louis Cardinals gave the Wainwright family a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy during a 35-minute ceremony before the 42-year-old pitcher's final game with the team on Sunday.

Watch the following to see the family's sweet reaction.

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The video, posted by the TikTok account for @Baseballdugout, explains that Wainwright had promised his kids they could get a dog when he retired from baseball.

The Lagotto Romagnolo dog breed are known for their curly coats and their truffle hunting skills.  These intelligent and lively dogs love to swim in water. According to the AKC, with their excellent nose, they are perfect candidates for scent work, search-and-rescue, and detection of medical conditions.

TikTok users are celebrating the furry new addition to the Wainwright family, and @Chloe comments, "The way he says it was a little puppy. That’s a big puppy." It is a big puppy, but these dogs usually weigh no more than 35 pounds when they are adults. @Eldr adds, "Aww this is so great. I'm so happy Waino got his day. such a staple here in STL." @Brad replies, "Dogs make the world better." @Greg responds, "I was there as a Reds fan. Hate the Cards but was glad to see Waino get his due. A great player and ambassador for the game."

The cutest part about this? They named the dog Louie. Now that he's retired, he will have all the time in his day to train the new pup! Congratulations to Waino and his adorable family and the newest furry family member!

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