‘Squid Game,’ Kim Kardashian West Among Inspiration for 2021 Halloween Costumes

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This year’s pop culture moments are again serving as inspiration for upcoming Halloween costumes.

Fast-fashion retailer Yandy is continuing its tradition of quickly turning the year’s viral moments into timely Halloween costumes. On Wednesday, Yandy is releasing its “Squid Game” Halloween costume, which takes inspiration from the popular Korean thriller show that released on Netflix late last month.

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“Squid Game” — which was named the top-trending Halloween costume by Google in a recent report — follows a group of people in financial debt who compete in a deadly tournament of children’s games for a massive cash prize.

While the contestants’ green track suits are inspiring some upcoming Halloween costumes, Yandy is looking to the show’s guards for its “Met Your Match Watchmen” costume, which is a pink, long sleeve jumpsuit with a black waist belt and a breathable black face mask designed with a diamond emblem.

Yandy’s “Squid Game”-inspired Halloween costume. - Credit: Courtesy
Yandy’s “Squid Game”-inspired Halloween costume. - Credit: Courtesy


Yandy also looked to the recent Met Gala for its pop culture Halloween costumes, specifically at Kim Kardashian West’s all-black Balenciaga look. The “Mystery Gala Guest Costume” is loosely inspired by Kardashian West’s look and comes with a black strapless dress with a sheer mesh cape and a breathable black facial hood.

Although Britney Spears and her many looks from the ‘90s and early Aughts have long-inspired Halloween costumes, the singer is proving to influence even more Halloween costumes this year thanks to the increasing media attention surrounding her conservatorship legal battle against her father, Jamie Spears, and the subsequent #FreeBritney movement among her fans.

The fast-fashion retailer is offerings several costumes inspired by Spears’ most iconic performances, such as the “Imma Slay 4 You” costume, which takes inspiration from her 2001 MTV VMAs performance where she wore a green bikini and danced with a live python.

Yandy isn’t the only retailer offering pop culture-themed Halloween costumes. Fast-fashion retailer Dolls Kill revealed its “Once Again Asking Costume” last month, which is inspired by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ viral look at President Joe Biden’s inauguration where he wore a gray winter coat with knitted mittens and a face mask.

Click through the above gallery to see photos of the 2021 pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes.


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