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Spring allergies already hitting? This $40 HEPA air purifier can help you breathe easier — pounce while it's over 40% off

It's loved by over 21,000 shoppers and even doubles as an aromatherapy machine.

Everyone appreciates fresher air. Whether you're dealing with dust, dander, allergies or want to clear the air of the common cold, the concentrations of some pollutants can be up to five times higher indoors than outdoors. Considering most people spend 90% of their time indoors, maybe it's time you get an air filter. The Aroeve Air Purifier has over 21,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, many of them raving about how this miraculous thing leaves their room smelling fresh as a daisy. And speaking of pleasant scents, it functions an aromatherapy machine, too. At this price, why not get two?

This air purifier has it all: an H13 HEPA filter that effectively filters out tiny particles, a quiet sleep mode and an aroma pad that'll make your space smell super fresh.

$40 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

You can't really put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're breathing in better air. But when an air purifier with as many endorsements as this one goes on sale, all the better! We've rarely seen it priced lower than it is right now and who can resist a 43% discount?

Why do I need this?

Let's start with how good this machine is at filtering the air you breathe. It comes with an H13 HEPA filter, which offers efficient multi-layer protection against tiny particles such as smoke, pollen, dander, hair and, well, garden-variety odors. Plus, its dual-channel tech and 360-degree air vent will refresh the air five times per hour in rooms as large as 215 square feet. That makes this ideal for any room in your house, be it the bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Aroeve Air Purifier users also love its quiet operation. It has a sleep mode that reduces the fan speed to a mere whisper. Filtered air noise is as low as 22 decibels — quiet enough for you and your family to doze off to sleep.

Also setting Aroeve apart from most other air purifiers: It has an aromatherapy component! You can remove the aroma pad from the air purifier and add in four to five drops of your favorite essential oil. Place it back in, and your whole room will be filled with the scent of your choice.

A black air purifier with purple accents atop a pastel background.
This top-rated air purifier will leave your home smelling clean and fresh. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

When a gadget has over 21,000 five-star ratings, it's worth checking out. It's especially useful if you have allergies, like this stuffed-up shopper. "I got this due to my allergies, and it's made such a difference. After the first 24 hours of it being on, the air in my apartment was so crisp and clean like the Swiss Alps — I was surprised there were no wayward nuns rejoicing and singing in the vicinity. ... We have been affected by smoke from wildfires, and this has really helped keep my apartment's air quality clean."

"So quiet, I keep forgetting it exists," said a reviewer who suffers from asthma and allergies and has neighbors who like to smoke outside her window. "So far it's helped clear the air of dust and pet dander. The air smells cleaner, and my nose isn't as stuffy as it normally is. I also like that I can add scented oils to it."

"Any smell I had is gone, it's quiet and works well with essential oils," wrote a shopper who left a five-star review. "It has pretty much gotten rid of any smell I was dealing with (old carpet, basement, I'm not in a place to replace the carpet so it smells a little all the time, even after shampooing). The ability to add essential oils helps even more. It's very nice to walk into my room and have no smell and a not-overwhelming scent from the essential oil pad."

This shopper loves the Aroeve for getting rid of smelly pet odors: "I cannot recommend this air purifier enough to anyone looking for odor control in their home. My cat had a UTI and had peed all over my rug. I got my carpet professionally cleaned and it still didn’t help the smell. This eliminated the smell within an hour."

"My bedroom is in an attic of an old house," shared a final fan. "It is always dusty, no matter how much I clean. This little machine has allowed me to sleep more soundly and breathe easier. I like the option to drop in essential oils on the pad that's included, and I especially like the ultraviolet light that kills what comes out of the filter. It would be nice if the buttons were raised for a more tactile experience, but this is a minor complaint."

The only question now: Black or white? 

$40 at Amazon

Want to add some essential oils to make your home extra relaxing and fragrant? This is among Amazon's most popular options:

This distilled eucalyptus oil has a sweet, woody scent that works great for aromatherapy or topical use.

$16 at Amazon

"I've tried too many supposed pure eucalyptus oils and this one is the most genuine I've found," said a happy customer. "So happy with this purchase," a fellow fan shared. "I looooove this eucalyptus scent. I add a few drops to my pillow at night because I can become congested. This makes a huge difference in the ease of my breathing."

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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