Spotify Wrapped Says Something Went Wrong? All The Solutions To See Your Stats

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Uh oh! Sometimes the most popular apps even have their own bugs. If you’re Spotify Wrapped says “Something Went Wrong,” “Internal Error,” or won’t even show up, don’t worry we got you covered. Here are easy solutions to solve that error so you can share everything immediately.

Spotify Wrapped is the most popular music-sharing date of the year. The music streaming platform shows you your top artists, genres, songs, and podcasts in a very sharable display. Plethora of memes have taken over every social media feed, and you should take part in the fun as well!

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If the Spotify Wrapped banner doesn’t show up for you or it’s still showing up as an internal error, here’s how to bypass the Spotify Wrapped “Something Went Wrong” display so you can get right along to sharing and analyzing all your friends’ listening habits.

Spotify Wrapped “Something Went Wrong?” solutions

Why does your Spotify Wrapped say “Something Went Wrong” or an Internal Server Error? There might have been an influx of users trying to get their Spotify Wrapped at the same time. Check out these quick solutions to get your Spotify Wrapped in no time.

  • Make sure that your Spotify app is updated to the latest version. On iOS you need app version 8.8.92 to see Spotify Wrapped, while on Android version you need version

  • Once updated you should see a banner that says 2023 Wrapped.

  • If it’s still not showing up for you, try typing or ‘spotify:datastories:wrapped’ or ‘2023 Wrapped’ in the search bar in your app.

  • Another route is to open a web browser window and type in Once you’re logged in, Spotify in your browser should show your unique listening stats.

What does Spotify Wrapped show?

What does Spotify Wrapped show? Every year, Spotify ramps up and shows your own personalized listening habits right down to how many minutes you listened to songs on the streaming app. For 2023, Spotify went far and beyond with the exact city that aligns with your listening as well as a new way to show your diverse genre listening—all sandwiched up (quite literally!). Here’s a list of what Spotify Wrapped 2023 shows you:

  1. The different genres you listen to (presented in a sandwich)

  2. Sound Town — the city that aligns with your listening

  3. Your Top 5 Songs

  4. The number of minutes you listened to music

  5. Your Top 5 Artists (Including what your peak listening month to that artist was)

  6. Me In 2023 — Your Listening Personality in one of 12 distinct characteristics

  7. Your Top 5 Podcasts

For 2023, top fans of tens of thousands of artists will have a personalized video from their number-one artist. Artists like Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Peso Pluma, SZA, Karol G, NewJeans, Jung Kook, Dolly Parton, and plenty more have recorded a special message for their fans thanking them for listening and if you listen very closely, maybe they included some new music spoilers in their video.

On the Spotify home page, you can check out the Wrapped feed as the one-stop shop for all things Wrapped. It includes the best of editorial playlists, merch from your top artists, concerts near you, and more.

Earlier this year, Spotify released their AI DJ program featuring your own DJ X. To celebrate the release of Spotify Wrapped, X will present you a personalized Wrapped mix – with your fave songs and commentary about some of your favorite artists, genres, songs, and more.

Also what’s a better way to celebrate Spotify Wrapped 2023 than a listening party with your closest friends and family? Lucky for us, Spotify already has it planned. You can invite your friends to create a Blend and tap the ‘2023 Wrapped Songs’ filter to make the ultimate Top Songs playlist with your friend.

How To Share Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped became a staple for year-end round-up lists because of how much people shared it on their personal social media accounts. In the olden days, fans had to screenshot their Spotify Wrapped stats and then post them on their social media accounts. But today, Spotify made it super easy to share your stats on social media.

Spotify conveniently puts each stat in its own unique card and formats it like an Instagram story. For each stat card, there is an option to share it. Just click or tap on the share this story button on the bottom and post it on your preferred platforms such as TikTok, X, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, or Facebook, and if you’re really ambitious, you can also embed it on your website.

What other apps are like Spotify Wrapped?

What other apps are like Spotify Wrapped? Spotify Wrapped only appears for a limited amount of time, usually it’s on your profile until January. However, you can still access your Spotify stats like top artists, top songs, whenever through third-party apps like, Festify and Receiptify. Like Spotify Wrapped, these apps offer fans a quirky way to share their listening stats. Spotify also has different features throughout the year that teases the same kind of playlist curation as Spotify Wrapped like a special playlist dedicated to your favorite artist like BTS, favorite outfit, and a playlist for your pets.

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