Here’s How to Make a Spotify Playlist in a Bottle & Create a Musical Time Capsule For 2024

Spotify has done it again! If you love sharing music on social media platforms, you might ask how to make a Spotify Playlist in the Bottle. Well, we have the answer for you music heads!

Spotify released a new feature on Wednesday, January 4, 2022, which allows users to save their favorite songs in a time capsule. In a statement, Spotify said the List in a Bottle is “a new, interactive in-app experience where fans are invited to create a musical time capsule to lock away until January 2024. As part of the experience, listeners will answer several questions about what they’re listening to and those responses will get locked away in a musical time capsule, only to be opened a year later.”

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It’s a fun new way to use music data and share their memories with songs that defined your 2023 and revisit them in 12 months’ time. Will your musical tastes have changed completely or will you still be into the same stuff? That’s the fun of it. Without further ado, here’s how to your own Playlist in a Bottle on Spotify.

How to make a Spotify Playlist in a Bottle

On how to make a Spotify Playlist in a Bottle, make sure you have a Spotify account to access the feature. Then, follow the instructions below to see your Spotify Playlist in a Bottle.

  1. Visit on your mobile device

  2. Select where you want to store your playlist – whether it’s an actual bottle, a tiny little pocket of your jeans, a gumball machine, a lunch box or a teddy bear.

  3. Next, users will be asked to answer a series of song-inspired prompts like “A song you’re going to kiss someone to this year,” “A song that reminds you of your favorite person,” and “A song you need to hear live in 2023.”

  4. Finally, users can “seal” their musical time capsule and #PlaylistInABottle card to social channels.

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In January 2024, users who used Spotify List in a Bottle will be notified of the playlists that they made a year ago. Like Spotify Wrapped, the Spotify List in a Bottle feature only appears for a limited amount of time. Spotify will close the feature on January 31, 2023.

If you’re antsy and missed the opportunity, you can still listen to the Spotify Wrapped playlist you saved when the feature was available or access your Spotify stats like top artists and top songs, whenever through third-party apps like, Festify and Receiptify. Like Spotify Wrapped, these apps offer a quirky way to share listening stats with their users. Spotify also has different features throughout the year that teases the same kind of playlist curation as Spotify Wrapped like a special playlist dedicated to your favorite outfit and for your pets.

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