All the Spoilers and Details About Brianna Thorbourne From ‘The Bachelor’

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All the Spoilers on Brianna From ‘The Bachelor”ABC

Despite it feeling like 84 years, we’re only a couple weeks into Zach Shallcross’s season of The Bachelor. Things that have happened so far? Jesse Palmer was told to go back to ESPN (lol), Zach made the profound revelation that he’s “just a dude who loves family, football, and frozen pizza,” and nearly a dozen aspiring influencers were chopped from his dating pool. While this was a near-record making number of night-one eliminations, Zach seems pretty serious about everyone still in it, and we’re here to talk about Brianna Thorbourne—who, reminder, won the first impression rose during Zach’s appearance on Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s “After the Final Rose”!

While she clearly had a great start, there are some pretty intriguing spoilers regarding Brianna’s future on The Bachelor—so we’re doing a deep dive below. Stay tuned for details on Brianna’s extremely cool job, her Instagram, and what she’s looking for in a guy—and keep scrolling if you’re looking for spoilers.

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Brianna Is From Jersey City

Twenty-four-year-old Brianna is from the Garden State, where she works as an entrepreneur. In fact, she launched her own beauty company, which, as ABC put it, “is giving She-E-O vibes.” Go ahead and follow Brianna on Insta @iambriannakay!

She’s a Professional Model

Not hard to see why—Brianna is stunning.

She Competed in Miss New Jersey

Wearing what looks to be the same gorgeous rose-covered gown she wore during the Bachelor premiere! (Or at least a very similar one.)

Also speaking of said gown, Twitter is obsessed:

She Lived in Paris for Several Years

According to ABC, “Now that her career is in such a good spot, she seems to have everything in place except for a man. Brianna is a woman of the world and even lived in Paris for a few years growing up.” Chic!

She Wants a Man Who Loves Traveling

Briana’s “looking for a ride-or-die partner with whom she can travel to new places,” so let’s hope Zach has been getting his airline miles in. Other fun facts about Brianna from ABC? She “hopes to go cage diving with sharks one day,” she “created her own language as a child,” and she “does not do Netflix and chill.” Noted.

People Tried to Block Her From Talking to Zach on Night One

Brianna’s fellow contestants apparently weren’t thrilled about her wanting to talk to Zach during night one in the mansion since she came into the show with a rose. Which is kinda wild! Watch Brianna talk about the experience here:

On that note, there are spoilers below the Jesse!

She Self-Eliminates Due to Comments Made by Christina Mandrell

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Brianna self-eliminates ahead of the third rose ceremony while the group is still based in Los Angeles. And while details about what goes down are murky, Steve reports that Christina Mandrell is the “ring leader” in “telling Brianna that the first impression rose she got during ‘After the Final Rose’ was from America and not from Zach.”

“It all escalated at the pool party and this is when Brianna ends up quitting,” Steve reports, adding, “This doesn’t mean people need to call Christina names or call her a terrible mother on her IG, like some have already done. But yeah, Christina is going to have a rough three episodes on the show.”

Hate to hear that Brianna dips from The Bachelor early, but here’s hoping she ends up in Paradise or as our next Bachelorette!

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