Spoiler: Find Out Who Joey Graziadei Gets Engaged to on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28

joey graziadei
All the Spoilers From Joey's 'Bachelor' Season 🌹Christopher Willard - Getty Images
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Between the wholesome blessing that is The Golden Bachelor and the decision to make Joey Graziadei the next non-Golden Bachelor, ABC is truly delivering lately. (Yes, we know Bachelor in Paradise was also airing recently, but it was stealing airtime from Gerry Turner at this point, so we won't be discussing it further.)

ANYWAY, Joey's season of The Bachelor is hitting ABC on January 22, 2024 and according to Reality Steve, Joey cut his initial group of contestants down to six finalists—which means filming for the Fantasy Suite Dates already happened and we don't have to hold out to see who this man ends up with.

Obviously, there's a lot to be excited about, including but not limited to Joey's face, Joey's hair, and Joey's smile, but if you simply can't wait for TV, here's literally every spoiler out there on The Bachelor season 28.


First Up, Meet Joey's Contestants

You can get to know the whole crew right this way:

And psst: when it comes to what Joey wants in a partner, he told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, “I am looking for my person. I know for me, especially as I’ve gotten older, there isn’t a type. It’s more about a personality and a type of person. I just need someone that’s willing to be open to taking on life with me. I want someone adventurous. I want someone that’s going to love every day and try to make the most of it. I don’t know what that looks like. I’m one of those people that believes I’ll know when I see it. I’m just really excited for the idea that I might actually find that person.”

Lea Got His First Impression Rose


We first met Lea on The Bachelorette's After the Final Rose when Joey was announced as ABC's next Bachelor. At the time, Lea was given a letter to open on night one—and according to Reality Steve, the letter said she could steal someone's one-on-one date "at any point during the season." Which is obviously a huge opportunity/would cause total chaos.

Instead, Lea went ahead and burned the letter (presumably in a Bachelor Mansion fireplace) at the earliest available opportunity, saying she "wanted to be chosen by Joey" and not steal time from someone else. He was so impressed that he gave her the First Impression Rose!

They've Been Filming All Over the World

We're talking the likes of Spain, Montreal (where they played street hockey), Jasper, and even Malta. Actually, here's some footage of Joey on a date in Malta:

And here's Joey and Daisy on one of the first dates of the season in California (a very public one involving dancing, as you can tell).

Joey's Hometown Dates

Kay, so Joey's final six are Kelsey T, Kelsey A, Maria, Daisy, Rachel, and Jenn. Swipe through Reality Steve's spoiler gold mine to see them:

Meanwhile, his final four—aka the women going on Hometown Dates—are Kelsey Anderson, Maria Georgas, Daisy Kent, and Rachel Nance.

Joey's Final Three, You Ask?

According to Reality Steve, Joey eliminated Maria Georgas, leaving Daisy Kent, Rachel Nance, and Kelsey Anderson as his final three contestants heading to Fantasy Suites!

Who is Joey's Winner?

In a separate post, RS dished that Joey ended up getting engaged to Daisy Kent after overnight dates with her, Kelsey, and Rachel.

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