The Spoiler About Who Won 'The Bachelor' Has Been Thrown Into Chaos Thanks to Undeniable New Evidence

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Wait, Did [SPOILER] Actually Win The Bachelor?!James Clark - Getty Images

Gather round everyone obsessed with Bachelor spoilers: there is important new information to go over when it comes to who won Joey Graziadei's season. Back on November, Reality Steve dropped information on Joey's relationship status, reporting that he was engaged to none other than Daisy Kent.

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Photo credit: Michael Kirchoff - ABC
Photo credit: Michael Kirchoff - ABC

Find out who remains on track to become Mrs. Graziadei.

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Photo credit: Christopher Willard - Getty Images
Photo credit: Christopher Willard - Getty Images

“How you doin’?” —me, unable to stop myself, every time Joey walks onscreen.

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Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram
Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram

Reality Steve continues to provide for Bachelor Nation!!

According to his post, Joey and Daisy reportedly "got engaged in Tulum, Mexico at the end of the season. Obviously, the finale won’t air until mid-March so who knows what can happen in the next four months. But this is how the season ended."

Fast-forward to right now, and fan account @bachelornation.scoop dropped evidence that suggests Kelsey Anderson is actually Joey's winner—based on matching features in their Instagram Stories and TikToks including a wine fridge, wall sockets, and a fence in the backyard:

This comes just one day after Reality Steve doubled down on his post about Daisy being the winner, but said that something unexpected does happen on the show.

As he put it, "Spoiler is still right. That’s never changed since Nov. 30th when I first posted. This has to do with what I heard about for the first time yesterday, and that’s the fact that I finally was able to hear what the gist was in regards to this ending that’s 'unprecedented,' and Joey has said has never happened before."

Steve went on to say that he can't share what he's heard yet, but that he "just heard from sources the idea of what Joey and the show are talking about. And it makes sense to me what it is." He also noted that "It certainly plays a role in the end result of Joey and Daisy ending up engaged, and I find it interesting, but it’s tough to go along with the hype the show’s giving it only because it didn’t change anything about the ending. It’s more about how we got to that point."

Steve since said on his podcast that he's "seen the pictures" and he's "looking into it" because it "doesn't match up with what I've heard about the ending."

Soooo...stay tuend!

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