[SPOILER]'s Exes Show Up On Tonight's 'BiP'—And It's Absolute Chaos

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Are 'Bachelorette' Rachel And Tino Still Together?Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

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The season finale of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s Bachelorette season aired a few months ago. And unfortunately, neither got their fairy tale ending.

At the After the Final Rose special, Rachel revealed that she called it quits with her fiancé, Tino Franco.

The couple got engaged in Mexico, but the engagement was short-lived. And I mean short. It literally ended before their love story even aired on television.

After some rough break-ups during her Bachelorette season (I haven’t forgotten about you, Logan Palmer, or you, Hayden Markowitz), the last thing fans wanted for Rachel was a cheating scandal. But here we are.

However, things might not be all bad for our Bachelorette! She recently revealed that she started dating again, per PEOPLE.

Obviously, everyone wants to know what went wrong with Tino and Rachel. So, here’s everything that went down after the cameras stopped rolling.

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Rachel Recchia kisses Tino Franco on The Bachelorette.Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Rachel and Tino got engaged during the finale.

Rachel tells Tino that he’s the last man standing in the season finale and he responds by saying he feels “on top of the world,” per ABC.

Fade in, fade out, Rachel and Tino profess their love to each other and Tino trades an engagement ring for Rachel’s final rose. The two ended the series as a couple.

Unfortunately, things go downhill quickly after the Neil Lane ring appears.

Tino cheated on Rachel.

Rachel confirmed during the live viewing of the finale last night that Tino kissed another woman while they were going through a hard time in their relationship post-filming.

"He cheated on me," Rachel said. "It's just heartbreaking. This is the person I thought I was going to spend my life with and start my family with... It's not just physical, it's emotional, it's texting."

Apparently, the two had a bad phone call, and Tino met up with another girl he’d met before filming, and he kissed her.

But the important point here is that Rachel and Tino never said they had broken up or that they were taking a break when the kiss occurred.

Tino didn’t want Rachel to tell anyone about the kiss, and Rachel was shocked by his initial lack of remorse. He then tried to blame it on the fact that Rachel wouldn’t go to therapy (she’d been out of town) and said that she’d threatened to return the ring (she said she’d give the ring back if they were just going to be dating), per Variety and ET.

Tino actually showed up at the live viewing of part 2 of the finale, but despite his attempts to apologize, Rachel stood her ground.

Who did Tino cheat on Rachel with?

No one knows who the mystery girl is, but Tino said he met her before he left to film The Bachelorette.

Although they never went on a date before the show, they decided to catch up at a bar, and they ended up kissing, per Variety. "Not once have you said you’re sorry about all of this," Rachel said, per ET. "For four days you sat on this information."

Tino replied: "It was a one-time mistake and I realized immediately that I needed to be with you." He added, "Is there a way this works out, Rachel?" The answer to that was a big N.O.

A surprise guest shows up for Rachel.

Host Jesse Palmer had no qualms stepping in when Rachel and Tino start getting heated during the finale, and luckily, he brought a little surprise with him.

Jesse announced that Aven, who made it to Rachel’s final two, was there in the studio, and said that Aven had “demanded” that he have the chance to talk to Rachel. Her jaw just about dropped.

Aven stepped forward and asked Rachel if she wanted to “catch up," and the two left hand in hand. Awww.

Maybe Rachel will get her happy ending the third time around (See ya later, Tino and Clayton!).

Things weren't so good with Tino's parents.

This breakup isn't a huge surprise. After Rachel and Tino’s hometown date, it was clear his fam wasn't her biggest fans.

“I just have a hard time believing that what you can do on a whirlwind fairy tale trip is really going to prepare you for marriage,” Tino’s father said during their hometown date, per Us Magazine.

Then, Tino’s mother tells Rachel, “this is not real,” according to Showbiz Cheatsheet.

And Tino's dad posted some negative comments on social media as the series aired part 1 of the finale.

He took to Facebook to provide some insight into how he really feels. And, uh, Tino's dad seems pretty excited about the fact that the show (and his son's relationship) is ending soon. "BachelorNation will be sorry when they won't have me to kick around," he wrote in the status. “So glad it’s almost over!!!" Yeesh.

Some other cast members from season 19 had something to say about Tino.

Ahead of part 2 of the finale, some alums from Rachel and Gabby's season were spotted partying at the Hampton Social club in Nashville with an LED sign that said "F**k Tino," per Us Weekly and Cosmo. The crew looked like it included Alec Garza (the receipts were on his IG Story), Tyler Norris, Aven Jones, Jordan Vandergriff, Nate Mitchell, and Mario Vassall.

Clearly, Rach and Tino are definitely not joining the ranks of happily ever after Bach couples. Ugh, maybe Rachel can catch a break with Aven? Cheers, you two.

Rachel is dating again.

"Well, obviously taking it slow, but I actually did go on a date last week," Rachel told Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, per PEOPLE. "It did go well and there is a second date in the future."

Recchia did not identify the man who she went out with, but said he was "a random person" who "slid into the DMs."

"We just went and got coffee," she added. "It was casual."

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