Spend a Night in a Private Jet for Less Than the Cost of an Economy Ticket

Cailey Rizzo

Airbnb is a treasure trove of unusual places to sleep. There’s a Wes Anderson-themed treehouse in Ontario, the world’s smallest house in Boston, and even the studio where Mount Rushmore was sculpted.

And for the aviation geek, it’s now possible to book an overnight private jet — for less than the cost of an economy ticket.

Airbnb users can book a stay in a private jet that dates back to the 1970s. However this aviation-themed stay won’t ever take flight. The plane is rooted in a farmyard in Redberth, Wales.

After entering the aircraft via staircase, guests are greeted by a bona fide first class cabin. There are plush, beige leather chairs, a bar area, and LED lighting along the ceiling. Once guests walk through the main cabin, they’ll find the attached “bedroom cabin” in the back.

There is running water and a toilet onboard — although guests will have to step outside the aircraft to take a shower or use the kitchen.

The rental is especially great for anybody who harbors fantasies of becoming a pilot. The cockpit is still intact, including most of the original dials, according to the listing. Guests who want to simulate flight can play on the Xbox installed in the cockpit.

The Airbnb is available from $178 per night.