I Just Spent An Entire Month Looking For The Most Fascinating, Mind-Blowing Pictures, And These Are The 50 Best I Found

1.This is what Chile looks like compared with Europe:

The outline of Chile superimposed over a map of Europe as a long, thin line from Sweden to the top of North Africa

And this is how big Japan is compared with the East Coast of the United States:

Japan compared with the East Coast, extending from Maine to Florida

2.This is what Netflix's homepage looked like in 1999, one year after it launched:

A very busy homepage with small type and DVD images

What movie are we renting? Think I gotta go with 8MM and Nic Cage.


3.This is what it looks like 16 stories beneath New York City:

A fenced-off section of murky water with men standing on the rocky, cavelike surface next to it

4.This is the Antonov An-225 Mriya, the largest plane in the world:

A six-engine plane on the ground

5.This picture, taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839, is generally accepted as the first "selfie":

Blurry image of a serious-looking man with an Eddie Muenster bang

6.Speaking of which, Buzz Aldrin took humanity's first "space selfie" while on a spacewalk in 1966:

Buzz Aldrin close-up in space

7.This is Norma Smallwood, the winner of the 1926 Miss America pageant:

A woman with updo pigtails

Try as he might, old Calvin Coolidge couldn't rig the contest for his wife, Grace.

George Rinhart / Corbis via Getty Images

8.In 1972, astronaut Charles Duke left behind a picture of his family on the moon's surface. It's been there ever since:

A family photo in a see-through case on the ground

9.This is how big a moose is compared with a van:

A moose looking as tall as a minivan on a highway


H. Mark Weidman Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

10.Mars is home to the tallest mountain in the solar system, the 72,000-foot-tall Olympus Mons:

Overhead shot of the mountain

Here's a computer illustration of what Olympus Mons looks like from space:

The mountain looking a bit like a big pimple
Sebastian Kaulitzki / Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

11.There's a golf course right next to the Great Pyramid of Giza:

People golfing next to the Pyramid of Giza

12.This is what $1,600 in $1 bills looks like:

A stack of cash in a large ziplock bag

13.The "American section" of a German grocery store contains a lot of popcorn, hot sauce, and mustard:

Shelves with popcorn, mustard, Pop-Tarts, and other American products

14.This is what salt looks like under an electron microscope:

Two gray, grainy cubes

Would love to play some microscopic craps with two salt crystals.

Sheri Neva / Getty Images/Image Source

15.This is what a gym looked like two centuries ago in 1831:

Illustration of a gym with men doing acrobatics in the air and fencing on the ground

Just people living in the moment, climbing ropes, and dueling.

FLHC 2020C / Alamy Stock Photo

16.This is the iconic log cabin where Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809:

Drawing of a small log cabin

This would sell for $19 million in Lake Tahoe today.

Mpi / Getty Images

17.This is how big the Hubble Space Telescope is compared with a few human beings:

Four people standing next to the raised telescope and not reaching the base

This was taken in 1989, when the telescope was being prepared to be shot into space. Smaller or bigger than you thought?

Alamy Stock Photo

18.Easter Bunny costumes were absolutely horrifying in the 1950s:

A person wearing a scary bunny costume with menacing eyes stands in front of a group of kids

This picture from 1957 will forever haunt my dreams.

Ullstein Bild Dtl. / Ullstein Bild via Getty Images

19.In the '60s, you could buy a mail-order squirrel monkey for $18.95:

Ad for a "darling pet monkey" from an "animal farm" in Miami

20.This is what a slice of meteorite looks like:

A chunk of black speckled granite in a person's hand that looks a bit like a tortilla chip

21.This is what the end of a rainbow looks like:

The end of a rainbow on a road

22.NASA's James Webb Space Telescope just took some brand-new pictures of Uranus. Here's what one of the new photos looks like:

Uranus in the center of many oblong rings

Shiny! Fresh! Uranus!

NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI. Image processing: J. DePasquale (STScI)

23.While we're at it, here's another new picture from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, this time of Neptune:

Neptune with a halo ring around it

Poseidon would love this.


24.There's a bridge specifically for crabs in Christmas Island, Australia. A crab bridge. A cridge:

Many crabs on a raised bridge with a mesh surface

25.This is what Leonardo da Vinci's “The Last Supper” looks like in person:

A medium-size painting inside the refectory of a small convent, with two small lights illuminating it

26.This is what a medieval toilet looked like on the inside of a castle...

A stone interior showing a seated area with a hole in the center
Jordi De Rueda Roigé / Alamy Stock Photo

...and this is what it looked like on the outside:

A window that looks like a chute

Quite literally a poop chute. Look out below.

Alamy Stock Photo

27.This is what a soda bottle looks like before it's inflated and filled with liquid:

Someone holding a small, plastic sheath

28.This is a picture of a lifeboat filled with Titanic survivors being rescued and brought aboard the Carpathia following the sinking of the ship:

A small lifeboat on the side of a huge ship
Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

29.Kiwi eggs are absolutely huge:

A kiwi egg inside a skeleton

30.In 1909, pigs finally flew. Icarus the pig (right) went on a short flight with John Moore-Brabazon and finally did the impossible:

John Moore-Brabazon on his biplane with Icarus II the pig in a cage with the sign "I am the first pig to fly" on it

You'll notice Icarus emanating nothing but positive vibes.

/ Alamy Stock Photo

31.This is what a first-class seat on Singapore Airlines looks like:

A first-class seat on Singapore Airlines, showing a full-size bed alongside a lounge chair with a table setting, and a tray with bottles of champagne and other liquor on the bed

Would love to drink nine beers here.

Roslan Rahman / AFP via Getty Images

32.John Quincy Adams was the first US president ever photographed. Here he is in 1840, more than a decade after his presidency:

A balding, stone-faced John Quincy Adams sitting in a wooden chair with his legs crossed and his hands clasped

Would not love to drink nine beers with John Quincy.

Henry Guttmann Collection / Getty Images

33.This, my friends, is what a perfectly spherical egg looks like:

A perfectly round brown egg

34.Speaking of eggs, horn sharks have very cool spiral egg cases:

Person holding what looks like a combination of a huge pine cone, drill, and mortar shell

35.This is the world's first skyscraper, the 10-story Home Insurance Building, which was located in Chicago:

The Home Insurance Building

The absolutely gargantuan skyscraper was built in 1885 and torn down in 1931.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

36.This is what a kidney stone looks like under an electron microscope:

It looks like it has feathers/small wings or orangey leaves

(Old-timey cartoon character getting their finger caught in a mousetrap voice) YEEEEEEE-OUCH!

Alamy Stock Photo

37.This is Jack the baboon, a South African baboon who worked as a signalman at a railway station in the 1800s. During his almost decade of railway work, Jack never made a single mistake:

A baboon standing next to a man in a uniform and pushing a handle down

38.This is what the moon looks like in the Northern Hemisphere...

The moon
Claudine Silaho Weber-hilty / Getty Images/iStockphoto

...and this is what the moon looks like in the Southern Hemisphere. It's upside down:

The moon with the surface features in reverse

Well, I guess that just depends on the moon you lived your life with.

Agcuesta / Getty Images/iStockphoto

39.This, to scale, is how far apart the Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy are:

The Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies

40.This is what the line to the summit of Mount Everest looks like:

A long line of people climbing Mount Everest, with a tent in the foreground

Does not seem stressful at all. Nope, not at all.

Lakpa Sherpa / AFP via Getty Images

41.This is Ahmet Ali Çelikten, a man who is generally considered to be one of the first Black pilots — and perhaps the very first:

A man with high boots and in a uniform and aviator glasses stands in front of an early plane

42.This 2,000-year-old Roman shoe looks like it could've been made today:

A lace-up shoe with a frayed sole and perforations

And this is what the bottom of that shoe just might look like:

A soft-looking sole with many small raised bumps


Artokoloro / Alamy Stock Photo

43.Yes, 45-foot-long phone chargers exist:

A person holding a really long phone charger with the cord on the sidewalk

44.Fiat once had a car factory with a working test track on the roof:

A test track on the roof of a building with very old-timey cars being driven on it

The building and the track are still there; you just can't perform the incredibly safe act of driving cars on a roof anymore. Bummer.

/ Alamy Stock Photo

45.This is what stem cells look like after they've been collected and are ready to be transplanted:

Pale fluid in a container

46.The head of one of Portugal's first and most notorious serial killers, Diogo Alves, was preserved in a jar after his death for "scientific study":

Diogo Alves's head in a fluid-filled jar with a man in a lab coat standing behind it

47.Fingers with nerve damage won't prune:

A water-wrinkled hand except for one finger

48.This is what the base of a wind turbine looks like before it's filled with concrete:

A wide, circular base with interlocking metallic links

49.This is the note former president George H.W. Bush left for incoming president Bill Clinton in the White House after Clinton defeated him in the 1992 presidential election:

Handwritten note dated January 20, 1993

50.And, finally, this is a Javan rhino, an extremely endangered species of rhino of which there are only about 76 left on Earth:

A close-up of a rhino looking at the camera