This 'spaghetti table' is the internet's new least favorite recipe 'hack'

A so-called “spaghetti table” cooking hack has social media users completely freaked out. this latest divisive food is almost certainly a joke. The spaghetti table comes courtesy of a Facebook page called Josh and Lisa, which is known for its bizarre and often absurd food prep videos. In the now-viral clip, which has more than 25 million views, a woman begins by spreading a large jar of pasta sauce out onto a table. As her camera person “oohs” and “ahhs” in fascination, the woman continues by adding a Layer of meatballs to her large countertop. She finishes by adding a lot of parmesan cheese and several piles of fresh-made noodles. “Yeah, how delicious does this look?” the woman says as she begins to stir the mixture together. “This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” one Twitter user wrote of the spaghetti table. “This vid is obviously satire but it wastes so much food just for attention on social media,” another added