This Space Thriller Just Hit the Top 10 on Netflix—and Its Trailer Is Seriously Gripping (PureWow)
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The movie follows the events of Beyond Skyline (which is also available to stream on Netflix). When Skylines begins, Earth is in danger of attack by a group of aliens who want to use a weapon called the "Armada" to eliminate any semblance of life on the planet. Netflix writes, "When a mysterious alien virus begins to endanger humanity, an elite team of soldiers launches into space to end the threat for good."

We learn from the trailer that humans and aliens have coexisted peacefully for the last five years, until a change threatens the lives of over three billion people. "There is only one thing harder than winning a war: keeping the peace," one of the soldiers warns. Now, Captain Rose Corley (played by Lindsey Morgan) must use her power to understand extraterrestrial technology in order to save the world.

Alongside Morgan, the film stars Jonathan Howard (Leon), Daniel Bernhardt (Owens), Rhona Mitra (Dr. Mal), James Cosmo (Grant), Alexander Siddig (General Radford) and Yayan Ruhian (Huana).

We think it's time for a space trilogy marathon.

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