Southwest Is the Latest Airline to Introduce Real-Time Tracking for Checked Baggage

Alan Schein Photography/Getty Images

Southwest Airlines announced on Thursday that it will introduce a baggage tracking tool. It allows travelers to trace their checked luggage while in transit using the company’s website or mobile app. The company confirmed the news in a statement to The Points Guys.

Southwest customers can currently access this feature by clicking the “Track Your Checked Baggage" tab in the mobile app under "Flight," or by using this link. It alerts customers with real-time status updates regarding their baggage, including when the tags are printed, and when it’s being loaded and unloaded from the plane.

"In our ongoing commitment to provide a comfortable, seamless, and convenient customer experience while traveling with us, Southwest Airlines has introduced the ability for Customers to track checked bags throughout their journey—from takeoff to landing," the company said.

Southwest joins America, United, and Delta (aka the "Big Three" airlines) in introducing real-time baggage tracking for its customers. It’s hardly a new service, with Delta introducing the perk back in 2011. Outside of the US, there are even fewer airlines which offer passengers a way to keep track of their items.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) hopes to introduce a global network that all airlines and airports can use to track baggage. Some smaller carriers have agreed to sign on, but the idea has yet to catch on in a broader sense. Those who want a more precise location of their bag might want to use an AirTag or similar device.

Southwest also recently introduced an option for customers to add checked bags digitally during check-in, up to 24 hours before their flight.