Southwest Airlines Supplied an Emergency Airlift to Help Save Maui's Shelter Animals

On August 22, Southwest Airlines posted a beautiful video about how they've partnered with The Maui Humane Society, Greater Good Charities, and Lucky Dog Animal Rescues to airlift 136 shelter dogs and cats from Maui to Portland, Oregon.

The fires that broke out in Maui last week have decimated over 3,000 buildings in Lahaina and killed at least 115 people with over 850 people still missing. The horrible fires also displaced or injured hundreds of pets. Check out the video shared by @Southwestair about how they're helping Maui animals during this tragedy.

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The airlift of the shelter animals frees up space for the influx of injured, lost and displaced pets coming in from the wildfires.

Approximately 90 animals will stay with the Oregon Humane Society and be made available for adoption when ready, while another 40 or so will be sent to San Francisco Bay Area shelters. None of the transported animals were impacted directly by wildfires, but were shelter pets prior to the disaster.

TikTok users were heartened by this and @Tmarie commented, "Thank you for being the hope not only for the Animals but for the Beautiful People of Maui." @DB adds, "What wonderful people you all are . Thank you for helping these precious babies." @Margie replied, "The best flight, ever. In the history of ever."

The Maui Humane Society posted this wonderful update on their Facebook page, "30% of live animals have been reunited with their families. Over 1,300 lost reports have been processed through our online platform and hotline. Veterinarians and vet staff have provided aid to more than 375 animals at medical clinics in Lahaina."

There's still a long way to go for the people of Maui who have suffered so greatly and all the pets affected by the fires.

If you would like to make a donation or find other ways to help, please visit the Maui Humane Society here.

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