Southerners Call This Best-Selling Neck Fan A ‘Lifesaver,’ And It’s 43% Off At Amazon

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The powerful wraparound fan keeps your face, neck, and head cool.



Summers in the South are beautiful, but they can be scorching. Staying cool while out and about usually requires a hat, umbrella, or hand fan. While hats and umbrellas are fashionable accessories, they don’t provide a cool breeze, and hand fans demand the constant use of, well, your hands. Electric fans, however, keep you comfortable in the heat and hands-free. For a discreet way to stay cool while out this summer, consider the Jisulife Portable Neck Fan that wraps around your neck. And it’s on sale for 40 percent off at Amazon—plus, an extra 5 percent off with an added click-on-page coupon.

The best-selling electric neck fan sends a cooling breeze to your face without being disruptive and sits discreetly around your neck like a pair of headphones. Its noise level is so low that even when on high mode, you can still hear your breathing over the sound of the fan, according to the brand. The unobtrusive design of the fan has no wings, unlike other neck fans whose wings stick out in front of your face.



BUY IT: Starting at $22.79 (orig. $39.99);

Anyone who has faced the brunt of air-conditioning on full blast knows that there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Even though it’s refreshing, having cold air constantly blown directly on your face can quickly become too much and dry out your face and eyes. With this fan, you get evenly dispersed cool air thanks to its 78 vents wrapped around the device, which gently emit cold air even to the back of your neck.

One five-star reviewer used the fan while on a trip to Disney World in Florida and found that it was “effective” on “a hot day with long lines” and the fan “lasted all day.” As someone with long hair, the shopper “never worried” about “hair getting tangled up in it.”

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Whether you’re running errands, heading to a sporting event, or doing work outside, the small fan will keep you cool. It has a runtime of four to 16 hours depending on the speed, and it only takes anywhere from three to five hours to fully charge. The fan has three settings: weak wind, natural wind, and strong wind—just hit the power button until you get to the mode you want. Another reviewer said the fan was a “lifesaver,” after their AC went out in South Texas, adding it’s a “great product [that] really helped me and gave me more energy when I needed it from no air conditioning.”

It’s already beginning to warm up. Stay cool with the Jisulife Portable Neck Fan that’s on sale with a double discount at Amazon.

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