Southern Parents Teaching Dogs to Send in Ladies First Is a Total Vibe

This is some good parenting!

One job a parent must do is teach their children to be nice and respectful human beings. That may include how to talk to others, table manners and chivalry. But why stop at just teaching children? TikTok user @meghanhudson7’s parents aren’t stopping at just teaching children. They're teaching their dogs too!

This TikToker’s parents have two dogs, one male and one female. And being the southern folks they are, they decided to teach the male dog how to be a gentleman. The result is seriously too cute!

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O.M.G. Stop it! The male dog really did wait for the female to go in first. How does one even train their dogs to do that?! Guess we need another dog to try the training for ourselves! LOL!

The caption for the video isn’t wrong though. If the dog can learn so can the rest of y’all! “The dog has more manners than men in the Midwest,” commented @reckless2020. HA! Honestly, the dog has more manners than most men in the world! Can the dogs give lessons on how to be a gentleman? Maybe then more men will listen!

Apparently, these dog parents aren’t the only ones who’ve taught their dogs to put the ladies first. @opposumpower 21 said, “Whenever I feed my dogs, I have two females to one male, and my male dog always lets my female dogs eat first.” What?! That’s seriously so cool!

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