Chick-fil-A Is Closed On Thanksgiving, So Don't Expect Waffle Fries On Turkey Day

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Photo credit: Boston Globe - Getty Images
Photo credit: Boston Globe - Getty Images

Thanksgiving is to turkey as Chick-fil-A is to, well, chicken. One can simply not survive without the other. It’s the facts, people. Speaking of surviving, here's a Turkey Day table conversation game: Could you survive eating just turkey for the rest of your life? Or just chicken? Honestly, it's a debate worth talking out.

Thankfully, we don’t have to choose one or another on a normal day. But if you're looking to hit up Chick-fil-A on Thanksgiving Day, sadly the chain is closed, as it has been in years past, so it looks like you’re going to have to side with the turkey on this one. We’ll get over it for sure; this is the turkey’s special day after all. So, while we’re disappointed that Chick-fil-A will not make an appearance at our dinner on the 25th (sigh), we are happy that the Chick-fil-A staffers gets some time to spend with their families and friends, too.

In a previous statement on The Chicken Wire, the company said, “We’re taking time this day to reflect on what we’re grateful for–our family, friends, Team Members and guests–and to enjoy our second-favorite bird. We hope you have the chance to do the same.”

Thanksgiving feasting may have to remain a turkey-focused activity, but we can’t help but wonder what kind of flavor profile a little Chick-fil-A sauce would do to the notoriously dry's just food for thought, folks.

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