Sorry, Jimmy Fallon: Ben & Jerry's 'Late Night Snack' Ice Cream Bites the Dust


It’s the end of an era. Since February, Jimmy Fallon has been hunkered down behind his shiny new Tonight Show desk, which means that the Ben & Jerry’s flavor commemorating his former gig—host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallonhas come to the end of its sweet, satisfying rope.

According to a Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson, the flavor—vanilla ice cream flecked with salted caramel swirls and fudge-covered potato chip clusters—had vanished by the end of 2014, after a nearly four-year run.

"It was a [slow] phase-out," a company rep told us via email. "It is pretty unlikely that there is any left on shelves at this point."

So there you have it. Hold that last Late Night Snack carton hiding in the back of your freezer close. Once gone, ye shall never see its likes again. But there’s a sliver of hope: “Ben & Jerry’s is still a big fan of Jimmy’s,” the spokesperson told us. “We’re excited to see what we can do together next!”

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