Sorry Guys, Regé-Jean Page Has a Very Serious Girlfriend

Carolyn Twersky
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Photo credit: Jeff Spicer - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Spicer - Getty Images

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I'm sorry to completely ruin your day life, but it looks like your dreams of being the Duchess of Hastings are no longer feasable (because they were so realistic to begin with, right?). Bridgerton hottie Regé-Jean Page reportedly has a girlfriend and they are very serious. No, I'm not talking about Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne on the show. Regé-Jean is dating copywriter and soccer player, Emily Brown. So, while you let that sink it, let's dig up everything we can on Regé-Jean's girlfriend, Emily.

1. She's a copywriter.

According to The Daily Mail, who originally reported on the romance, Emily is a freelance copywriter, who has done work for companies like Nike, Converse, and Uber.

2. She's also a soccer player.

The Daily Mail also reported that Emily plays for South-West London's Football Beyond Borders Warriors, which is a charity that uses football to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in school and in their transition to adulthood.

3. She doesn't seem to have social media.

Emily has seemingly removed herself from social media following the news of her relationship with Regé-Jean. She doesn't have a public Twitter or Instagram currently.

4. They live together.

As I said, Emily and Regé-Jean's relationship is definitely serious. The pair bought a home together in North London in February 2020, according to The Daily Mail, meaning they're most likely in it for the long haul.

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