Sophie Turner says Joe Jonas once almost kissed her Game of Thrones stunt double

Anna Sheffer

The idea of celebrity body doubles never fails to amaze us, probably because it sounds surreal to work alongside someone who could be your long-lost twin. But actors ranging from Zac Efron to Reese Witherspoon have extremely convincing doubles. Sophie Turner once had a doppelgänger on the set of Game of Thrones who looked so much like her that she managed to even fool Joe Jonas—with hilarious consequences.

As the Daily Mail reports, Turner told Australian radio show Smallzy’s Surgery that her photo double and stunt double on Game of Thrones was a little too convincing. The resemblance was so uncanny that she said people would “do double takes” constantly. And it turns out that even Turner’s now-husband got confused on occasion.


Central Casting notes that photo doubles sometimes fill in for main cast members when the actors are just in the background or you can’t see their faces. According to the Daily Mail, Turner’s Game of Trones photo double was an actress named Megan Parkinson. In addition to twinning with Sansa, she also played Alys Karstark in the series.

When you see a picture of Parkinson, it’s easy to understand why Jonas mixed her up with Turner.

It looks like Parkinson could almost be an acolyte of the Many-Faced God. Need proof? Here she is as Karstark.

Luckily for Jonas, Turner said that she doesn’t look much like her Dark Phoenix doubles.


Let’s hope that Sophie’s future stand-ins are easy to tell apart. You know, for Joe’s sake.