Sophia Loren: See the 1960s bombshell then and now

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What's the secret to timeless beauty? We're not sure, but Sophia Loren has mastered it.

The Italian bombshell rose to fame as in the 1960s, squarely earning her spot as one of the decade's most iconic sirens. After launching her film career at age 15, she worked her way through the Hollywood ranks to snag an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1962.

Now 84 years old, one might assume that Loren's been taking it easy for the past few years -- but one would be mistaken. Still stunning as an octogenerian, Loren remains a staple on red carpets across the globe, from the Cannes Film Festival to the Academy Awards. Earlier this year, in March 2019, she looked glamorous as ever in a blush pink gown in Southampton.

In 2007, Loren posed nearly nude for the annual Pirelli Calendar, proving that sexiness is truly ageless.

Although she's certainly well-known for her incredible beauty, Loren firmly proved she had the talent to back it up: Beyond her Oscar, the star also has under her belt a Grammy, five Golden Globes, a BAFTA Award, Best Actress at Cannes... the list goes on!

The star wed Italian film producer Carlo Ponti, Sr. twice -- first in 1957, then again in 1966. (There were complications because he was still technically married to his first wife when he wed Loren.) He passed away in 2007.

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