Sony to Ramp up PS5 Production, Not Phasing out PS4 Yet

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According to reports, in a briefing with investors, Sony is expecting to curb supply issues to bring numbers of PlayStation 5 units closer to the PlayStation 4 consoles available. The effort is a direct response to lagging sales that cause its latest quarterly earnings report to fall short.

The company believes that easing supply chain shortages, along with moves to source from multiple suppliers "for greater agility in unstable market conditions" and negotiations to maintain optimal delivery routes can help it meet demands for the PS5. The solutions are expected to help push PS5 sales above the PS4 starting next year. Sony is "planning for heavy further increases in console production, taking [it] to production levels that [it has] never achieved before," said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan.

It is also interesting to note in a financial call, Sony noted that no first-party games will be released for the PS4 in 2025, though sales note that the last-gen console is a driving factor for Sony's revenue. 65% of PlayStation Store revenue still comes from the PS4 with 69% of PlayStation Plus subscribers are still on the PS4. The continued success of the console is expected to make it difficult for Sony to phase out the PS4 in the near future.

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